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Tower Hill Insurance Company - Royal Palm Insurance - Newman Insurance Agency, Inc. - Insurance Scams

2010-07-24 09:21:47 by Cherisse Carton
Insurance scam rears its ugly head!

As if the economic and real estate situation isn’t difficult enough! .

These homeowners insurance companies lure customers away from Citizens Insurance, evaluate the home and provide homeowners insurance.

Several weeks after they take the customer’s money they notify the homeowner that they have cancelled the policy because the home is a risk.

Several weeks later they again offer insurance trough their subsidiary company but double or triple the premium.

Then during hurricane season they again notify the customer they have cancelled the policy because the home is at risk.

There may also be cases of discrimination involved.

The following companies are involved and if you have been scammed report them:

Tower Hill Insurance Company
PO Box 147018
Gainseville, FL 32614

Royal Palm Insurance
PO Box 142350, Gainseville, FL 32614

Newman Insurance Agency, Inc.
5700 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33021

2928 Responses
2011-01-27 10:52:33 by Harry
They have been doing this since before Hurricane Charlie. How do you know you ask?? Because they did it to me!
2011-08-17 15:12:41 by Kathleen Herold
In need of Homeowners Insurance as of Sept. first, 2011.Can you help me?
2012-08-04 17:14:40 by Valdilene
Sadly there are a few insurance cmaopnies that do this with breeds such as Pit Bull, Rottweiler, GSD, Husky and mixes of these breeds. Check to see if State Farm is avaliable in your area. We have State Farm and they will cover any breed as long as it has not bit anyone. Thier premiums are not higher because of the breed either. I would suggest checking with them as we have had no problems (I have used them for car insurance since I started driving and 2 years of renters insurance and now homeowners).Sorry that you had to experience this kind of treatment due to people's mis-education!!EDIT** Please do not listen to anyone who says don't tell them . If you do this and they find out they can and will drop your policy. Also, if something were to happen related to the dog they can and usually will refuse the claim. A friend of ours had someone jump their fence and get hurt and because the dog was involved (did not bite or bother the person, it is suspected the person was attempting to steal the dog) they had to file a claim on their insurance and it was denied because the breed of the dog was disclosed in the police report. The guy sued them and they had to pay his medical bills out of pocket. Please be smart and find a company that will cover regardless of the breed, they are out there!
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