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2009-10-05 09:28:06 by Amutha Kuppusamy
I got this through email by further process they offered me a position without any interview. This seems to be unusual. Please help.

West African Medical Centre Cameroon
N 3062 Bona-Asama Rd, Yaoundé,
Republic of Cameroon.
+ 237 741 34176
+ 237 09 95654

Email: AND

JOB REF: WAMC 00325718 DATE: 04/06/2009
We are pleased to offer you a position with WEST AFRICAN MEDICAL CENTRE CAMEROON. Your start date, compensation, benefits, and other terms of employment will be as set forth below and on EXHIBIT A.

1. Position and Duties. WEST AFRICAN MEDICAL CENTRE (WAMC) shall employ you, and you agree to competently and professionally perform such duties as are customarily the responsibility of the position as set forth in the job description.

2. Outside Business Activities. During your employment with WEST AFRICAN MEDICAL CENTRE, you shall devote competent energies, interests, and abilities to the performance of your duties under this Agreement. During the term of this Agreement, you shall not, without (WAMC) prior written consent, render any services to others for compensation or engage or participate, actively or passively, in any other business activities that would interfere with the performance of your duties hereunder or compete with (WAMC) business.

3. Employment Classification. You shall be a contract Employee and shall be entitled to benefits as specifically outlined herein.

4. Benefits. You will also receive (WAMC) standard employee benefits package (including health insurance for you and your family), and will be subject to (WAMC) vacation policy as such package and policy are in effect from time to time.

4.1 Death Benefit: Should Employee die during the term of employment, the (WAMC) shall pay to Employee's estate any compensation due through the end of the month in which death occurred and will also ensure that he/she is given a befitting funeral according to the expatriate tradition in his home town.

4.2 Other Benefits

 Quality single or family housing in Hospital community
 Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.

 Access to some of the finest social and recreational facilities in CAMEROON.

 Free medical care in CAMEROON for you and your family for contract duration.

 Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status contracts.

 Complete meals also for you and your family as deemed Appropriate.

 Life insurance Policy.

 Maximum and efficient security both in work place and housing Community.

4.3 Computer Resources: Laptop Computer, 1.6 GHz Processor, 496 MB RAM, 24XCD-RW, 30GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare battery and Necessary Software. Full time Internet access is also made available.

4.4 Phones: the employer will provide each employee with one (1) Landline and one (1) Mobile Telephone. This shall have a reasonable credit limit application per month.

4.5 Local Transportation: Standby new Hospital car will parked in your apartment for movement.

4.6 Office Space: Adequate private office space in a conducive and comfortable work environment shall be provided for each employee.

5. Authorization to Work: Due to the second ministerial meeting between American Union (AU) on terrorism, this was held in Washington DC on 12 October 2001. Where regulations adopted on Immigration Reform and Control Act, you will need to present documentation demonstrating that you have authorization to work in CAMEROON. This documents, which include work permit, Resident permit and Visa, which you will obtain from the CAMEROON Commission through a registered Immigration office (Agents are not accepted), that work with them as stated.

6. Severability: If any of the provisions of this Agreement are determined to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such provisions shall be modified to the minimum extent necessary to make such provisions enforceable, and the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect to the extent the economic benefits conferred upon the parties by this Agreement remain substantially unimpaired.


11, 500.00 US DOLLARS (USD) After tax deduction (or Euros equivalent depending on home country and currency preference).


04th JULY 2009


Any selected candidate for WAMC, not presently possessing a valid Residence, Work Permits, and Visa shall be expected to personally incur all expenses as shall be related to the processing,
Procurement of their necessary permits clearance papers with the authorized immigration office and shall be duly reimbursed and will be substantiated with receipts and WAMC will reimburse the employee not later than Five (5) working days after submission of employee’s expense report and receipts.

This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the CAMEROON in compliance with the U.N. Terrorism Act. Find attached for other necessary related details of job.

However, for expatriate services employees who do not presently posses their valid Residence/Work Permits papers and Visa, they are to make contact with the nominated immigration attorney’s address given below for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their CAMEROON valid residence and work permits papers.

Barrister. Twista Mally
West African Travels Inc.
PHONE: + 23774126017 / FAX: + 23783029800

NOTE: All Cameroon based employees' are to report personally to our office with identification materials for signing and collection of hard copy of their contract documents.

Congratulations on your success and we look forward to your arrival and we hope be the start of mutually satisfying work relationship.

(Human Resources Manager)
Human Resource Department

EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE _________________________________________________

EMPLOYEE NAME __________________________________________________

EMPLOYEE ADDRESS ___________________________________________________

EMPLOYEE MOBILE/TEL __________________________________________________
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