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WWICS - it sucks

2011-07-20 00:45:53 by dfghjkl
This company is a complete waste of money. Fraud includes very poor housing. You would rather live in a shack than stay in the housing they provide. They put numerous famalies in a tiny basement and they charge the amount it takes to live in a apartment. They provide little to no information on jobs, renting and better options. Their main goal is to extract money from vurnable immigrant famalies. The amout paid is enormous and most of it is pocketed by the company without any help to the immigrats. DONT waste your mooney and time with wwics.
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2011-09-08 06:02:44 by Jalene
Yeah that's what I'm talinkg about baby--nice work!
2011-09-09 08:17:15 by gbzikdoexmq
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2011-09-11 10:42:18 by rkwmzyrlun
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2011-09-12 06:55:41 by lkbclmm
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