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RedBow Photo - Kevin Chen

2009-10-15 08:00:51 by PhotoRich9
Kevin Chen,
Vice President, Event Experience Sales, of RedBow Photo has lied multiple times to the photographers he has contracted for services. He is named in a class action suit filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General for wage and employment violations. Reginald Bowser and Kevin Chen have not paid the photographers hired in multiple venues. Their continued unethical behaviors, and business practices have damaged many, many hard working professionals and will hurt the reputations of those Professional sports venues they have contracted with.

We freelance photographers are also now sending the message below to:
The Orlando Sentinel, Florida Today, The Better Business Bureau, The Florida State Labor Board, the Massachusetts Attorney General and some lawyers...if any of you can HELP US GET PAID for the work we have done and to expose these LIARS for their unethical and illegal acts, we would greatly appreciate it!

Additional contacts include:
Orlando Magic, Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Carolina Panthers,
LA Angels of Anaheim, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers,
Philadelphia Flyers, Seattle Mariners, Washington Capitals, Washington
Wizards, The NBA, The NFL, The NHL, The MLB, WESH 2 News Orlando, WFTV
9 News Orlando and WKMG 6 News Orlando, The Orlando Sentinel, The Charlotte Business Journal, the sports Business Journal.

Please post any additional organizations who need to be informed of this company and the unethical officers of RedBow Photo, and the posts with the misspelled name "Red Bow Photo", redbow photo, and or any manifestations of this company's name.
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2009-10-15 08:01:15 by BonedByRedBlowPhoto
Oh yeah...good ol' /name removed/. Another one of the gang of thieves known as Red Bow. This man is as unethical as they come. You know what they say...birds of a feather flock this case hungry wolves preying on hard working people.

I hope to one day again meet this little weasel in person...just like Bowser... scared and always looking over his shoulder. Very insecure because he knows all the people he has effed over. People like this, sociopaths, are drawn to each other.

Beware if you do business with this person. He is a liar and a thief and very much a sociopath which makes him dangerous to be involved with. Not that he is physically imposing...quit the opposite...he's a runt...but...if you associate wit this man you will be drawn into his web of lies and deceit and probably be left holding the bag as he moves on to his next victim and scam.
2009-10-15 08:01:39 by Unpaid Employee
Kevin Chen; Reginald Bowszer's Main Crony
2009-10-27 05:40:59 by Jason J. Row
I got this from Reginald "Reggie" Bowser last week. It seems I have to sue him to get the $1400 he owes me...

Please continue to send me these messages and post slanderous statements
online. Every one you send will add another month to your sentence. We're
up to 81 messages at this point.

For the record, once again, we will not pay you a dime because we don't owe
you anything. I've implored you to sue me. Of course, you haven't done
that because you know we don't owe you anything.

You have no idea how hard it is to exercise the discipline necessary to deal
with someone like you and remain focused on my business and family. I'm
doing it though, because of the strength you've given me. I refuse to fail
because of YOU, Jason Row. Thank you so much. I swear I mean every word of

I will see you in court. And, I'll come visit you in jail, too. Can't wait
to see you in an orange jumpsuit.

Jamie, Jeff, Officer Graham and Dain, I'm sorry. I couldn't refrain from
sending this. I had a weak moment, but it will be the last one I send to
him regardless of what he says or does.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jason Row []
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 6:30 PM
To: Reginald Bowser
Subject: Thief

Hey... In case you forgot... You are a coward... pay me my money...

Sent from my iPhone

Jason J. Row
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