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wwics group - lethargy in service

2009-10-05 10:07:42 by darshana
I have applied for permanent residency visa for canada through this agency called WWICS in kolkata office .At the time of payment i was told that it will take two and a half years by the time i can get my landing papers .I have applied in december 2004 and have completed all the formalities .It is already more than four years but there has been no movement.Whenever inquired i am told counsulate is taking time to process.Branch manager Ratan in the kolkata office is just not bothered about it .He never replies mails or bothers to update us on our file status. I am left with no option but to rope in media and all the other tools where my complains will be heard.
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2010-07-16 06:41:12 by abhishek sharma
wwics takes much time...we apply in 2005 they say u go abrod in 2008, now the date is 2010 july what we accept from u
2010-07-16 06:41:40 by abhishek sharma
wwics takes much time...we apply in 2005 they say u go abrod in 2008, now the date is 2010 july what we accept from u
2010-08-17 04:57:58 by Mandeep Singh
Hi Friends,

I am very thankful to WWICS, whole team specially Ms. Deepti & Ms. Kanu Singla for their helping hand in my visa filing. They are very supportive persons. They supported me emotionally, mentally as well as in whole visa processing. I am very much satisfied with WWICS services and dealing by Ms. Deepanshu. I have no words for thanks. Finally I am fully satisfied with WWICS services. WWICS is very fair & economical consultancy in the field of Immigration and Student Visa services.

Thanks and Regards
Mandeep Singh
2010-09-23 21:32:54 by Xavier
WWICS - Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services.

Dear Darshana ,
I totally agree with you. I would like to call WWICS as Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services because I had very painful experience with them.
2011-08-02 07:04:46 by Elizabeth Richard

These realities are very scary. In case I want to take ur advise - Do I have to think twice? I am serious. These pathetic and harrowing experiences are sending a shiver down my spine. Do get back with a fruitful and assuring recommendation.
2014-01-03 11:10:08 by am2014
WWICS lies to your face and is the worst place to go for any kind of immigration or PR related services. Once you go to them, you will realize that they are a big scam whose idea is to simply cheat people and make them fool. They simply leave you waiting and at the end you have no output from their side. WWICS is fraud and cannot be trusted in any way.
2014-01-03 11:19:23 by am2014
WWICS frauds are the biggest liars whose everyday task is to fraudulently trap people in their scam procedures for immigration and PR consulting. Once you go to them then you are trapped and when you come out of the trap you would realize that you have wasted your hard earned money and precious time. Beware of WWICS scam
2014-01-03 11:19:51 by am2014
WWICS frauds duped me left right and centre. I strongly feel WWICS should be banned to operate so that they cannot scam other people as they did to me. They wasted my time and disrespected my emotions. They made me a fool by taking money from me, made me wait for 10 years and ultimately did nothing regarding my PR. I feel cheated and duped. I hate WWICS from the core of my heart.
2014-01-03 11:20:16 by am2014
I am another victim of WWICS scam. I am using the word ‘another’ because I am sure there would be more people who got scammed by WWICS fraud. I feel so depressed right now because I patiently waited for their services to give me the desired result but all I got was deceit and disgust. WWICS is a heartless organization, who is utterly inhumane in their fraudulent actions.
2014-01-03 11:20:38 by am2014
WWICS ruined my time and wasted my efforts. They are the biggest scammers I have known so far out of all that I have ever heard about. WWICS was a torturing experience for me and I am frustrated due to their pathetic services. At the time of receiving money from me they smiled but later they made me cry because they took all my time and gave me nothing but sorrows. I am deeply hurt due to the WWICS fraud and feel WWICS duped me cleverly.
2014-01-06 06:32:10 by am2014
WWICS is a pathetic organization, who is neck deep in their fraudulent actions. They are a huge scam. WWICS was a disgusting experience for me and I am frustrated due to their nonsense services. They promised me PR approval but did not get it done. I am shattered and frustrated with no option but to curse myself for trusting in a useless organization like WWICS.
2014-01-06 06:32:34 by am2014
WWICS must never be trusted as they cheat people for money. They make fake promises, waste your time & money and then leave you with no positive output. I think everybody should be aware of the WWICS fraud and WWICS cheating, so that other people do not get scammed by them as I got. WWICS stressed me totally and made me feel frustrated. I strongly feel that license of such fraud organization should be cancelled and legal authorities should ban WWICS from operating.
2014-01-07 07:30:14 by am2014
My experience with WWICS has been pathetic. They are just a scam company who is trying to steal money from people by luring them into their immigration trap. They did not get my PR work done as promised by them and even did not refund me in full my money that I paid them.
2014-01-07 07:30:35 by am2014
WWICS cannot be trusted. They are simply no good and cheat people for money. They did not help me with my PR which they earlier promised to get approved in 5 years. They made a fool out of me with their fraudulent procedures and scammed me by not even refunding my money in full.
2014-01-07 07:31:06 by am2014
Never ever go to WWICS for any kind of immigration or PR related services. They will make you wait for a long time and then just leave you without any productive output. They waste a lot of time and investing in their services in a big mistake. They scammed me too and did not even refund my money in full.
2014-01-07 07:31:27 by am2014
WWICS is fraudulent trap. Do not fall prey to their scam. They have useless work procedures that would not be helpful in any way to you. They promised me PR approval but did not get the work done. Today I stand shattered and frustrated with no option but to curse myself for trusting in WWICS.
2014-01-07 07:31:45 by am2014
Long long long wait and no result!!! That is all you get from WWICS in return for your trust in their services. I paid them my hard earned money and in return I got stress and frustration. They promised me a PR approval in 5 years but instead they made me wait for 10 years with no PR approval. They are a scam as they offered me a refund which was even less than the original amount I paid them.
2014-01-09 10:33:21 by am2014
WWICS is a fraud company. You trust them and they will make sure to break it. They have scam procedures that are there just to fool people and waste their time. They wasted 10 precious years of my time and still didn’t get my PR work done. WWICS cheated me upfront and did not deliver anything as promised by them. Because of them I have lost lot of precious time and have wasted lot of money. I strongly feel that a legal action should be taken against them and their company procedures should be audited to bring out the truth.
2014-01-09 10:33:44 by am2014
WWICS scammed me and gave me the experience of biggest nightmare possible. Beware of WWICS as they are frauds who cheat people and don’t get the promised work done. Expecting any kind of immigration consultancy from them is a complete loss of time. It took them 10 years to try for my PR approval and then finally after 10 years I get the news that my PR cannot be processed due to some policy changes. WWICS wasted my 10 years of precious time and gave me no positive output for that.
2014-01-09 10:34:05 by am2014
I could have never imagined that the organization WWICS, that I am trusting with one of the most important decisions of my life, would actually be a deceit in disguise and would break my trust into pieces. They cheated me and wasted my time by not delivering what was promised by them. I wish that others take into account my review before going to WWICS for any kind of help. WWICS ruined my life’s peace.


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