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2010-11-01 05:26:50 by wwics

WWICS Group.

Subject: Letter of Appreciation.

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
I am writing this letter in appreciation of the staff of WWICS-Dubai for the timely and efficient guidance that I received, in support of my application for PR status to Canada.
I would like to specially mention Mrs. Sylvia Fernandez-WWICS Dubai for her encouraging support in the matter.
I had applied for Permanent residence status for Canada along with my wife in the month of July 2008.Unfortunately this was the very same year the economic market was hit by global recession. I was one of the very unfortunate, of so many people, who lost their jobs during this period.
I am very happy to inform you that I finally received my Visa stamping in August 2010.
I am very content with the way Mrs. Sylvia handled my case with care and proper understanding of the situation.
I would like to congratulate WWICS for a commendable job and wish them all the success in the future.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

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2010-11-03 08:12:10 by wwics
Dear All,

Please accept my warmest gratitude for the untiring efforts of WWICS, in enabling me to obtain Canadian visa and thus shedding light on my future goals and aspirations.

Even though there were many bumps on the road, the efficiency and capability of WWICS was proven in achieving this success.

My passport was stamped and I intend to travel to Canada in mid December this year, in order to collect the PR card. Please let me know the procedure that needs to be followed in order to obtain the same.

I wish WWICS continued success and the very best.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

2010-11-08 02:47:53 by sanjeevnotiyal
Dear All,

Canada had always been my dream destination and thanks to WWICS who made my dream come true. I have received my Visa and I owe all the credit to their operation team for perfect case filing. Though my case materialized after a long wait, but it was worth it and everything ended happily. I look forward for the same reciprocation in Post landing assistance when I land in Canada.

Thanks WWICS

2010-11-15 05:17:23 by john
Hello Friends,

I recently arrived in Canada through WWICS. I’m very satisfied with the way they handled my case filing. When I reached Canada, I was picked up on the airport and dropped at the Guest House. The facilities available are quite good. The Global Placement Services staff was very helpful in preparing my resume. They sent my resume to various companies and it was because of their guidance and efforts that I was able to get a job in two weeks time. I am really grateful to GPS and WWICS for their through professionalism.

Best Regards,

2010-11-22 05:36:58 by wwics
Dear All,

I would like to thank WWICS staff for their help and support to settle me in Canada. I was picked up from the airport and taken to the Guest House. WWICS helped me with my Social Insurance Card and assisted me in opening a bank account. In the meantime, GPS was able to line up an interview with a company in merely my third week of arrival. My sincere advice to the new comers and prospective immigrants is that Canadian immigration is like investment in Blue Chip Company which would definitely pays you handsome return if you have engaged professional consultants like WWICS and GPS.

2010-11-26 05:39:32 by wwics

I am very happy that I took the decision to immigrate to Canada through WWICS. WWICS & GPS staff members here were very cordial and helpful in every step of the way. When I arrived in Canada, I was greeted by GPS Customer Care Coordinator and give a wonderful orientation towards Canadian way of life along with guidance on achieving a paradigm shift for smooth settlement in Canada, which was really commendable. Within 3 months of my landing I have got a good job in Group 4 Company. I have also bought a car and am doing very well. WWICS and GPS have been true to their word. The staff of WWICS as well as GPS has my best wishes and I hope that they continue to help the newcomers with the same spirit and dedication.

Harman Singh
2010-12-04 07:43:29 by wwics
I am very happy to state that the post landing services provided to me at WWICS were very professional and as such I am sure that my decision to retain the services of WWICS for immigration to Canada was really good one. I have got a good job in United Electrical Controls Canada Ltd. I am working in the testing and assembly department, while my wife has a permanent job with Tim Hortons as a cashier. My job is in my line of work and I am quite happy the way things have turned out for me. I once again wish the entire staff of WWICS & GPS good luck and hope that they help all the newcomers the same way.

Sumit Patel
2011-05-31 04:17:57 by Asim
Please can someone tell me who has applied through business category that how much time it will take for the complete process ?
2014-01-03 11:09:10 by am2014
WWICS frauds are the biggest liars whose everyday task is to fraudulently trap people in their scam procedures for immigration and PR consulting. Once you go to them then you are trapped and when you come out of the trap you would realize that you have wasted your hard earned money and precious time. Beware of WWICS scam
2014-01-14 13:18:16 by am2014
WWICS is nothing but a bunch of frauds trying to extract money by coning people by making fake promises for immigration related work. WWICS fraudulently made me believe that they will do my PR work but they did not do anything. WWICS cheated me. WWICS scammed me and wasted my 10 precious years of life waiting for them to complete my PR work. WWICS deceived me and broke my trust. Never go to WWICS scammers because they do no help you and give you nothing but frustration.
2014-01-14 13:18:36 by am2014
WWICS imposters worked their con on me by making false promises about how they will complete my PR related work for which I paid them. Then after an eternal wait of 10 long years, all I got was shocking news that my PR work can no longer be done due to so policy changes. I have one question for WWICS frauds – What were you doing when this was happening? Were you lazing around or you were alert but never had the intention to do my work? WWICS tricked me and took peace out of my life.
2014-01-15 12:06:37 by am2014
WWICS cheated me upfront and did not deliver anything as promised by them. Never ever go to WWICS for any kind of immigration or PR related services. They will make you wait for a long time and then just leave you without any productive output. It took them 10 years to try for my PR approval and then finally after 10 years I get the news that my PR cannot be processed due to some policy changes. They are a scam and fraud organization.
2014-01-15 12:08:22 by am2014
WWICS is fraudulent trap. Do not fall prey to their scam. They will make you wait for a long time and give you nothing but frustration in return. WWICS are crooks in disguise who just want to con people for money. They are imposters who just pretend to be friendly but in reality they will cheat you like they did to me. They wasted my time and energy and did not give me any positive output for my trust in them.
2014-01-17 13:22:19 by Amit
Never believe anything what WWICS promises you because WWICS is fake. Fake WWICS procedures are just made to scam innocent people and waste their time. WWICS fraud is a known thing now because many people like me who have been a victim of WWICS scam, are now coming forward to share their experiences. They wasted my 10 years and did not do my PR work which they promised. I am helpless and I do not know what to do now. WWICS scammed me, but I advise other people to beware of WWICS fraud immigration procedures.
2014-01-17 13:22:44 by Amit
WWICS cheats people and scams them. They dupe people by luring people into fraud procedures and making them false promises of immigration work. Then later the WWICS scammers just waste time and come up with no output that was promised earlier. WWICS scammed me too and wasted 10 years of my precious time. They tricked me by making fake promises regarding my PR approval but at the end did not deliver as promised. Beware of WWICS scam and do not trust them at all.
2014-01-20 12:08:09 by Amit
WWICS scam has made my life a living hell. I feel harassed and frustrated to my core and the disgusting experience I got from WWICS is unforgettable. They wasted 10 whole years of my life wherein I just kept on waiting…. Waiting and…. Waiting; I got nothing at the end. All I got was stress in mind and a shocking news that my PR work which I paid WWICS for to be done, now can no longer be done due to some policy changes. I am shattered and I sincerely wish that cheats like WWICS should be banned from running any business.
2014-01-20 12:08:44 by Amit
Beware!! Beware!! Beware!! WWICS Scam is here!!
Yes! You heard me right. WWICS are the biggest frauds who scam people in the name of helping them with immigration and PR related work. They first make false promises, take your money, waste your time and do nothing. They are the most ridiculous people I have ever met in my life. They wasted 10 years of my precious and useful time. And the end all I get to hear is that my PR can no longer get approved due to some policy changes. WWICS frauds trap people and break their trust. Please stay away from WWICS or they will scam you too.
2014-01-21 13:45:11 by Amit
WWICS cheats people and makes a fool out of them. WWICS means wastage of time and money. WWICS gives you stress and nothing else. They will make false promises and then scam you. From 2003 till 2013 I spent time waiting for them to help me with my PR but all I got was the shocking news that PR can no longer be processed because of policy changes. Ban WWICS scammers who cheat innocent people. Beware of WWICS scam!! WWICS conned me big time!! I feel stressed, harassed, frustrated & helpless.
2014-01-21 13:45:35 by Amit
Do not get fooled by WWICS cheap tricks to lure you into investing money in their scam services. WWICS scams people in the name of getting immigration work done. WWICS cheats people and waste their time. I invested in their services for my PR related work and I have been curing myself to fall into WWICS fraud trap. WWICS tricks people by making false promises and then at the end do not complete the work they promised to people while charging them heavy fees. WWICS frauds should be banned to operate so that they do not cheat anymore innocent people.
2014-01-22 12:33:27 by Amit
WWICS fraud shocked me to the core. It took them 10 years to try for my PR approval and then finally after 10 years I get the news that my PR cannot be processed due to some policy changes. What a waste of time and energy. I wish I had never gone to WWICS for help. They are cheats in the disguise and are not worth to be called a genuine immigration company. WWICS are frauds. WWICS are scammers who con people and waste their time. I strongly feel that a legal action should be taken against them and their company procedures should be audited to bring out the truth.
2014-01-22 12:34:17 by Amit
WWICS cheated me upfront and did not deliver anything as promised by them. Because of them I have lost lot of precious time and have wasted lot of money. WWICS scammed me, made me wait needlessly and after waiting for 10 long years I received the news that PR can no longer be processed because of policy changes. What a big fraud WWICS is, it is simply shocking. WWICS scams people and deceives them through its fraud procedures. WWICS wasted my time totally.


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