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All Connect - Liars and scammers

2016-09-29 01:30:03 by Lynn Grimes
I was referred to All connect when I started utilities in Laguna Beach, CA. I wanted to get Cox internet started at my home. I gave them the information to run for credit ect. We have a home out of state we have a rental out of state they are both cox and we have paid them for over 10 years. When contacted after I had set up an appointment for my service to be started I was greeted by a woman that was from
Eastern India accent and she stated since our credit was not good, we would have to go to the store and show 2 forms of identity. She further stated we would have a 25 dollar startup fee and a 75 dollar charge for them to install. I told her we have excellent credit and have had cox one state or another for our lifetime going back 25 years. She just kept repeating the experian report states your credit is not good. I told her to keep her service if this is how they treat good customers. A few days later I contacted cox directly. They are coming out to install for free and apologized for the person that called.
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