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2019-05-16 10:27:00 by beula Mary
I pulled into the lot but there were about 5-6 cars ahead of me; in our area of Maine that is a major traffic Jam! As I pulled up to the menu, I didn't see anything that I felt I would like, including the Taco Bell stuff. So I pulled out of the lot and drove down the street to Wendy's, which I thought was a Burger King. I decided to stop in to make a waterhole break. As I was heading to the men's room I looked over to the menu and noticed Wendy's only serves coke. I took the Pepsi test and love Pepsi, way more! I didn't notice anything that I would really enjoy. At the conclusion of the men's room stop a thought came to me that said, "I told you to go to KFC and you will be pleasantly surprised." It has taken me many years to recognize and hear God speaking to me; it was not a reprimand but a gentle and kind reminder. I said OK and left Wendy's. I pulled back into KFC and there were no cars ahead of me. When I went to the outside Menu I noticed a special for a chicken pot pie (my wife's favorite at KFC) with a medium Pepsi for only about $ 5-6.
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