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Joann Shields Attorney at Law in Utah - Money taken from client

2011-05-03 20:09:30 by Citizen of Utah
Joann Shields has posted saying she has harmed no consumer and practices consumer protection law. Please see her client's claims against her taking his money as an attorney and disappearing in Third District Court case 084900471. Deann Croft Edwards v. Terrell Edwards. The client lost his divorce case because she took his money and didn't do anything. He needed a new attorney to file with the court complaining of what she did and he did not know he lost because she did not follow up. This is a consumer protection issue too. Defamation is only if something is not true. Her client Terrell Edwards filed in court that she took his money and disappeared making him lose his case. Clients are consumers. Complaints against her as a lawyer are valid consumer cases posted here.
No this is not the client so don't bully him.
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2011-05-03 20:16:53 by Utah Citizen
Attorney Joann Shields was also arrested and booked into Utah County jail February 16, 2010 for fighting with a police officer. She plead guilty in CASE NUMBER 105101058 Traffic Court Case in Draper Utah. Consumer protection should include disclosure of attorneys own problems when they advertise for clients.
2011-05-06 00:14:06 by Utah Citizen
Here's the latest legal problems for attorney Joann Shields, legal malpractice, in Utah: A sheriffs sale for claims against her.
2011-05-06 01:37:19 by Utah Citizen
Now attorney Joann Shields is part of a sheriffs sale for malpractice she caused for a judgment entered against her client Aspen Inc for her not answering court orders.
This attorney claims to protect consumers but her clients are consumers in need of protection.
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