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Silver crest medical technologies/Vulcan silver - Murdered the poor

2016-06-06 15:47:53 by Neville Pietersen
BEWARE Vulcan Silver is killing people and they doing it to the poor and desperat in South Africa and outside countries in Africa .

Why you ask because Rob Hutchinson the "inventor" knows better that to kill people in his home country of England , but he knows you can kill as many people as you want in Africa .

So he chose the best people to do the an ex stock thief and fraud master Niel Oosterlaak ( the stock thief)

Chief Thesele Maseribane, the would be King who makes his death look like it legal but an African would be thief ( the name says it all )

And to round out this little cabal of crooks why not a old Kwaito singer Mandoza with this lot they can kill as many poor sick people as they want.

Warn your families and friends not sure why any one would believe this its almost sounds like the begining of a bad joke , A thief , A Chief and a kwaito singer walk into a bar ....

If you have lost a friend or family member to this lot contact the NPA in South Africa as they are already being investigated by the South African police on a number of charges including Fraud, Theft , Man slaughter, Supplying a an unregulated drug and corruption ( bribing a would be Chief
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2016-07-25 09:40:28 by HM
What I don't understand Raymond Blair Esson is that most stalkers pack it in after 2 years, you however seem to hold grudges till the cows come home. You were fired for gross incompetence 5 years ago but seem to find the success of the company unbearable. Tell me is your home address still 19 Hilltop Celtisdal, Tilodi Street Centurion and cell number 0748438669? This was the details the cops gave me.

Needless to say everything you accuse the company of, the exact opposite is the truth. Anyway you can explain your incendiary accusations to a judge. I suggest you google Crimen Injuria.
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