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FLM Loans - No refund of £69.50

2010-10-21 09:33:24 by Robert Smith
Like many others on this website I am having big problems with Flm Loans or is it Yes Loans?I paid £69.50 arrangement fee and I was offered a loan with Yes Loans. They asked for a guarantor (who I know has a good credit history) but my loan was refused because my guarantor was 'not acceptable'. no other reason was given. Another friend, again with an excellent credit history, filled in the form and he too was 'unaccetable'. By now, several weeks had passed and because the loan was urgent and nothing was coming fron Yes loans, my friend kindly agreed to lend me the money. I could have asked him in the first place but I dont like borrowing money from friends. I have written several letters trying to get my £69.50 back but all have been ignored. I have just spent 90 minutes waiting on the phone to Flm loans (at a cost of 10p a min totoal £9) and in the end gave up. How do I get my money back and for Gods sake, no matter how desperate you are DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!
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2011-01-06 08:34:42 by Dave
That will be Yes Loans.

They are a broker not lender, you fool.
2013-08-16 04:52:08 by Asceneth
I just answered a qsuteion exactly like yours. Really tough to get a business loan with bad credit. What worked for me was a cash advance through Merchant Capital Options. You usually get screwed with cash advances, but Merchant Capital Options worked out great as they only take out money from your electronic sales receipts as you get paid. I borrowed about 5k and it helped me pay a bunch of time sensitive bills and because they only got paid back as I got paid it was pretty much hassle free.
2013-08-24 16:59:31 by Pablo
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2013-08-27 07:39:48 by Tim
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2013-09-03 19:40:26 by Diguinho
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2017-11-17 04:45:51 by Douglasspuse
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