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Synoptic Boost and Synoptid Energy - No way to get to customer service to cancel auto ship

2017-12-30 19:18:29 by Georgann (Jann Kraus)
This is a scam!!!! Can not reach customer service to cancel auto ship like they said was easy to do by calling customer service. There is NO way to find customer service phone number or email address
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2018-01-02 11:26:55 by jfen
I am having the same exact issue. Total scam. Anyone out there know what to do next? I actually have a phone number but the recorded message states that they are experiencing a high call volume and cannot answer the call currently, then it disconnects you.
2018-01-28 22:58:22 by Kim
When u call the number and are on hold, hit the number 0, pause, than do it again, a few times. It will bypass the hold on the phone system then some one will answer. They wont give you a refund but they will cancel the so called "membership" and stop sending orders. Make sure you write down the cancellation #. Also, go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Good luck!
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