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Reginald Bowser - Non payment of wages

2009-10-15 09:33:47 by CSheehan
I worked for Reginald Bowser and Red Bow Photo during the 2009 Boston Bruins season. After several promises that we would be paid soon, to my knowledge no one has been paid. Reginald Bowser cannot be trusted and the company is a joke. We have no way to view our sales progress and no way of knowing when we will be paid.
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2009-10-15 09:34:10 by safong
I am in the same boat. I worked for Red Bow Photo during the 2009 Anaheim Ducks season and I still have not been paid. Then he sent out an E-mail to everyone who hadn't been paid and told us that we'd all get paid by a certain date with interest. That seemed to shut everyone up. I did everything he asked for and jumped through all of the legal hoops he set up so that nobody could sue him or for whatever other reason. I was supposed to receive my check a month ago and still nothing. He has ignored my E-mails and the only response I got was when I finally had to get upset and he was extremely brief and hardly apologetic with me. I plan on taking this matter to the fullest extent of the law and would appreciate any of your help.
2009-10-15 09:34:39 by Sarah
As many of you know Jason is working on getting a lawsuit together against Red Bow. Here is the information we need to get this going. Please send your info to both the lawyer at and This is free of charge to you so please send your info. The more people we have the better.

As per Jason's request please send all pertinent information:

1. You're full name and an address, email address, phone number

2. Venue worked

3. Amount owed

4. A brief summary of your experience ( for the ones of you that sent this summary already, just copy and paste from your original email)

5. Please email this to: Richard Horner (he is the person preparing the civil action) at: Please CC Leanne at so we have a total count.

2009-10-27 05:37:16 by Jason J. Row
I got this from Reginald "Reggie" Bowser last week. It seems I have to sue him to get the $1400 he owes me...

Please continue to send me these messages and post slanderous statements
online. Every one you send will add another month to your sentence. We're
up to 81 messages at this point.

For the record, once again, we will not pay you a dime because we don't owe
you anything. I've implored you to sue me. Of course, you haven't done
that because you know we don't owe you anything.

You have no idea how hard it is to exercise the discipline necessary to deal
with someone like you and remain focused on my business and family. I'm
doing it though, because of the strength you've given me. I refuse to fail
because of YOU, Jason Row. Thank you so much. I swear I mean every word of

I will see you in court. And, I'll come visit you in jail, too. Can't wait
to see you in an orange jumpsuit.

Jamie, Jeff, Officer Graham and Dain, I'm sorry. I couldn't refrain from
sending this. I had a weak moment, but it will be the last one I send to
him regardless of what he says or does.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jason Row []
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 6:30 PM
To: Reginald Bowser
Subject: Thief

Hey... In case you forgot... You are a coward... pay me my money...

Sent from my iPhone

Jason J. Row
2012-05-23 02:28:52 by Cynthia
Hi Javier,Thanks for the comment. I relaly like your 2nd idea allowing the extra time to roll over is a great idea. I've been playing more Toobz on the Hard level recently and I think your idea would help that level, especially.As for music I definitely want to add sounds, probably some sort of background track, but definitely effects. As long as you get the option to turn it off (and return to listening to your iPod music) I think most folks would like it.Thanks again for taking the time to comment and for playing Toobz!Jason
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