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MITSOT - not giving degrees

2014-01-01 14:33:48 by notnamed
such a stupid place. i cannot pronounce it as college. i m married n alone in family to earn livlihood . batch 09-11 but they r not giving me degree. m going to approach national news channel
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2014-01-01 14:35:11 by unnamed
dosto aap bhi saath do mera
2014-06-27 18:20:50 by Alcepasa
I think I have an answer for you Andy, but as awlyas, please defer to your local and regional laws, as well as consulting your attorney. With that disclaimer out of the way, let me say that I would absolutely inform an animal rights representive of the situation, right there on the spot. Keep in mind I'm under the assumption that no one lives there and has actually moved out (or maybe just on vacation). At that point, I'm not really on any type of covert surveillance so I don't feel I'm compromising an investigation. Furthermore, I believe that we have a duty to the legal system if we see a crime taking place (in this case, animal cruelty). I think it's important to rectify the crime, but that can easily be done while maintaining client privacy/case privacy. Anonymous phone calls, or even a dialogue with someone while remaining nameless would be easy to do. I discuss my surveillance work with law enforcement all the time yet I don't tell them who I'm watching. They've got a job to do and so do we. We can work together without jeapordizing each others work.Hope that helps!
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