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WWICS Kokata Office - Not refunding the service money

2009-10-05 09:14:22 by Luna Shafquat Chaudhuri
Dear Sir

We have cheated by the WWICS Kolkata Office as they have completely misguided to me and my husband. The amount Rs.30000.00 as Retainership Fee we paid for immigrating to Canada but the services we never provided by them on the contrary we were harrassed on one pretext or other. I have written mail to their Bracnh Manage, Mr.Ratan J mishra but yet to get any response. I advise everybody that please do not get into such false promises an ask them to provide all the documents and any other formalities in writing which they will never give to anybody and only will tell that first pay the Retainership Fee which as the claim is non-refundable and after your real ordeal will start as they will ask to bring those documents which they know you will nlt be able to provide and they will say that it is your reponsibility to roduce all the documents. I request that please ask them to refund our Rs.30000.00 an also be transparent to clients and stop uch misrepresentation and malpractices. I also request Lt.Col. B S Sandhu that please save your high repute organisation from such a scrupulous employees who are out to destroy your reputation for a quick money and in a process antagonise huge no of clients.


Luna Shafquat Chaudhuri
2 Responses
2010-09-23 21:51:28 by Xavier
WWICS - Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services.

Dear Madam,
I totally agree with you. I would like to call WWICS as Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services because I had very painful experience with them.

2011-08-15 09:34:39 by prolay
Dear Ma'am,

I also agree with you. I have worst experience with them as far as immegration to canada through WWICS is concerned. They are really cheating with people at kolkata and it may happens in other states also.

Since last 3 years they are only asking for money and when I withdraw my process, Now they have started a new drama by stating that my signature is not matching with the records they are having with them.

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