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2010-06-23 02:10:55 by Angie Noland
Last I talked to Sandy's Attorney she was suppose to mail me the papers on a Blue Eyed Black Tri Female Registered name Bearpath's Freckles she had perked ears I am sure everyone remembers. I am requesting the papers for her she was NSDR REGISTERED. Thanks Angie
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2010-06-23 09:10:27 by Sandy
To the readers of X-COMPLAINTS, their staff and specifically to_ANGIE NOLAND I HAVE NEVER and I REPEAT NEVER SOLD ANGIE NOLAND A DOG,nor would I ever have any dealings with the likes of YOU. YOU were told 3 years ago,to deal directly with JR RUSSELL,CEO of NATIONAL STOCK DOG REGISTRY. From what I understand there was FRAUD on your part and there for, are NO PAPERS.Lois Stevens from AMERICAN STOCK DOG REGISTRY ISSUED you a REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE,So what is this all about? THIS TOOK PLACE 3 YEARS AGO,DO I NEED TO HAVE THE MISSOURI STATE PATROL REVISIT YOU, FOR YOUR ON GOING HARRASSMENT??? Your statement was I believe that you wanted to put me out of Business? I beleive that is what you put in one of your other posts! . You did not purchase the dog from me,again I repeat YOU DID NOT GET THE DOG FROM ME,nor did I breed the dog. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE in ANY WAY!!!!!
Why don't you stop all this and GROW UP? Have you nothing else to do,obviously not!!!... . You ANGIE NOLAND,LITTLEBITRANCH AND DONNA GOUGH of VANITYGROVE FARM HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO CYBERSTALK and HARASS ME on this SITE,X-Complaints, since August 2009. You, ANGIE NOLAND ,DONNA GOUGH and X-COMPALINTS are all under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for CYBERSTALKING AND INTERNET HARASSMENT, by.the
You ANGIE NOLAND are a physco and you need professional help!
copy attached GBI
2013-08-16 04:59:13 by Emir
goodbye to her litter-mates over a year borfee we met. She's a sensitive girl and I'm sure she was just out of sorts in her new surroundings. Some pups need to gain confidence with their new alpha-dog. In this case, me! I can't imagine life without her!
2013-08-24 02:52:04 by Kiteen
Wow, those are awesome pics. You<a href=""> rlelay</a> captured Louie's abilities and athletic structure. Nice blue sky too. Love them. Did you get to have Louie give you a hug ?
2013-08-24 17:01:17 by Donato
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2013-08-27 07:40:39 by Krishan
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2013-09-03 19:41:07 by Manuella
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2017-05-16 05:15:24 by Dany
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2017-05-21 06:19:20 by Jaylyn
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