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2010-01-15 00:08:10 by aamir raza
I am sharing my REALLY BAD experience with above said car rentals. This car rental shop is located next to Saudagar Hotel.
I hired a car for a trip to Shirdi, Shani Shingnpur, Trimbakeshwar and then drop to Mumbai Airport. Person sitting there agreed to it as per the itinerary I suggested and gave me the receipt after I paid relatively higher amount of money in advance 3000/-. And it was agreed that rest of the money I will pay after coming back to Pune.
I think this was the error I did by paying more amount in advance.
Now the problem started, as soon as we started for Shirdi Driver and the car rental office people started calling me up and bugging me for changing itinerary, I disagreed and insisted for going by the original plan for which I paid money. (I still have the receipt where itinerary was written and written by none other than driver in front of rental agent Manoj)
Throughout the journey driver kept troubling us by saying he will charge extra. We were not using AC; but in between due to rain driver wanted to use defogger and asked that we have to pay extra for that. Then he said we have to pay extra for extra distance covered by his calculations.
Then driver as well as car rental company people asked us to get down from car and go at our own from Shirdi to further trip and said that our advance money is only enough for this much distance. They asked us to pay rest of the money immediately else he will not take us any further. Mind you it was 9 PM and raining and we were on the way to Trimbakeshwar.
Cab driver used to stop the car at far distance from temple, my relative had medical problem (has rods in legs due to accident and could not walk much) even then the driver used to avoid to drop and pick from convenient location.
Somehow we managed to reach Trimbakeshwar on the same car , but again these guys started harping for paying full amount else he will not go any further. My relatives who were with me they had to catch flight from Mumbai and we were sure if we spend time in arguments we will miss flight (probably driver wanted that to happen)
When we did not find any other way, we had to take a local transport to reach Nasik bus stop and then take another cab to go to Mumbai.
In nutshell we faced following problems –
1. Cab driver did not pick the calls (saying that his cell phone was not working) and we had to keep waiting for him to pick us up at temple. We lost 2 hours and had to search the car in Shirdi by contacting his office. Rental office did not bother to inform us anything about the car location.
2. Car tire got punctured (I agree it may happen) but the way driver was behaving as we were on his mercy and he is doing a great favor by driving us to various locations
3. Asked us to get down on the way as he felt out advance amount was just enough to travel up to that place only.
4. Initially they asked for 1000/- advance then realized it should be 2000/- I paid it. When I came to home they called up for more advance. I agreed and paid total of 3000/- as advance for Diesel. On the way driver asked for more money for Diesel, when I asked I paid the money that they asked for diesel, he refused to go any further.
5. Rental agent and drivers did not respond to any of questions properly they tried to show they are very busy on the phones. They used to disconnect our calls.
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2011-06-20 07:59:56 by AKS
Inside the trimbakeshwar temple there is rampant pickpocketing taking place. the pickpocketers are non other than the people who are managing the pilgrims in front of the diety (where the pilgrim see the diety). They are supposed to help the pilgrims, but they do opposite. The guards and these people are a gang, they confuse the pilgrim in the guise of explaining about the deity, offering prasad to the pilgrim etc and jointly do pickpocketing. It is known to all the police there.
No one should take more than Rs.100 (small notes of 10 ruppes) as it is very likely that they will not come out of the temple with money if they take more. These guards / monitoring people are expert pickpocketers. I do not know why the government / management committe of temple do not take note of this and take action on them.
It is best that military personnel are assigned this work so that the pilgrims can save themselves of this big menance there. In the name of God they are carrying out day light robbery.
I and my family faced this problem.
I am sharing this for the benefit of the pilgrims.
Please share this with all who plan to visit the temple so that they can avoid this big problem.
This will also help in choking these thugs business of pickpocketing as they will not have a single pilgrim from whom they can get money through pickpocketing.
As i have been put in big trouble by these people i have taken up the mission of informing this to all and make these pickpocketers helpless.
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