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wwics group - Pathetic WWICS Scam – An Experience Straight From Hell

2014-01-21 13:32:47 by Amit
Pathetic WWICS Scam – An Experience Straight From Hell

Dealing with WWICS was without any doubt an experience straight from hell. WWICS scam shook the peace of my life and shattered it into pieces. WWICS scamming proved to be the worst nightmare of my life. I have never seen such shameless people in my life who do not bother at all in what they have done to me. Scam WWICS should be banned to operate. I feel so depressed right now because I patiently waited for their services to give me the desired result but all I got was deceit and disgust. WWICS scammed me by making false promises to me and faked their interest in doing my work.

They made me a fool by taking money from me, made me wait for 10 years and ultimately did nothing regarding my PR. I feel cheated and duped. I have been scammed by this pathetic organization like others who have also posted their reviews on internet about this company. WWICS is the second name for fraud. They fooled me by taking my money and giving me nothing except lot of stress and frustration. The moment I paid them, they seemed as their motive was now fulfilled and now my work will be done slow as a snail. They delayed things and carelessly wasted my time. They cheated me and did not help me at all. I should have never trusted WWICS in the first place.
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