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thomas jones/oz management - paying 4 nothing

2010-11-14 23:32:37 by kristal
well i paid $450 to thomas jones,i called him once saying i will take legal action, then he asked me 2 come up saying ill be an extra in his alphonse movie (as if it exists) then heard nothing, since then texted him as he never answers and he said "do not contact this number" well let me now tell you what i will do thomas and or the parent company! i will NOW take legal action! thats happening. so i suggest one of you give me my money back, take my photo's down and also thanks for wasting my time!
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2010-12-08 11:59:02 by vince
Yeah you have been scammed by this con artist there is a bigger post on here with more info about him and also all over the web.
2011-01-13 03:47:48 by Arnold

He is accusing everyone and threatens anyone that tells the truth with legal action. Please take him down! take him to court!
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