WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY - People Working here are cheaters...

2011-02-04 03:36:10 by naina
The director of the company Rajesh Tiwari and the other partner Rishi, these guyz have opened two companies one is WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY and the other is Pacific Overseas on the same floor.The complete address of these culprits is
WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY O – 9, Second Floor. Lajpat Nagar Part II. New Delhi 110024. Tel: 011- 41005331
Their services are very poor. Nobody will respond to your queries once you have registered with them. They are just concerned bout theie fees, tht's it. If you will complaint they arn't even ashamed of taking any action instead will hang up your call and later will not even pick your call...
Just want that innocent people should not fall into their false promises. EVEN IF YOU WILL NOTICE , IN THEIR SITE THE COMMENTS OPTION IS OFF, as they are very much aware of the fact that the people whom they have served will definitly let the others know the they just removed that option. They don't care as if one company looses then they have the other company..
Nonsense and insensible people working in this company..i have done my duty to inform you rest is your wish..all the best.
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2011-06-19 05:31:01 by sanjeev kumar gupta
intermediat passed 59%marks mobile no.9792984798
2014-06-27 08:03:47 by Latheesh
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2014-07-22 02:30:24 by Fabio
As Charlie Sheen says, this article is <a href="">"WIGNINN!"</a>
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