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2010-01-15 00:17:47 by fatima
Although I find solace in not having the only LEMON with Infinit, I am still so angry I can scream. We have a 2004 Infiniti G35. Great car with the exception on the major defect of brakes, and brake pad/rotor issues. Since 2004, we have had to replace the pads and sometimes the rotor 5, (YES 5!!!!) times. EVERY 10,000 MILES!! My husband uses this car as a "to the train and back" car. There are only 52,696 miles on the darn thing! The dealership has admitted that it is a manufacturing defect, yet we still get the punishment of whopping 500 payments every year! This is outrageous, and I would love to join a class action suit against the company. I want to get rid of this lemon!!!!

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