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allconnect / directvbundles - rebates are not real

2011-03-29 18:19:56 by limeyjag
DirecTV bundles they called themselves when they called me unsolicted on my cell phone and told me that they could get me ATT high speed at a discount and also get me a $10 per month off of my directv account.for $12 months .So i signed up and then discovered it was Allconnect who I had never heard of.
I then got my first bill from ATT with no discount and they referred me to Allconnect of course . I have talked and e-mailed these guys (even got through to a few executives) who all apologised and promised me they would get me the rebate in one lump sum which would fix the problem.

Three month later I am still waiting ........all I have is promises , lots of e-mails and not one red cent of a rebate .

There is more chance of collecting rebates from some fly by night electronics company in China or Taiwan than these guys who are a upcoming corporation on the US stock exchange and look very respectable , But let the buyer beware , you have been warned...................
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2011-03-31 15:08:11 by Beth Talbot
We apologize for the experience you have had with Allconnect. This is not our normal procedure. Allconnect does not bill you for services, and you receive the bundle discount of $10 per month off of your DirecTV bill. Can you please email us at When emailing, please reference your customer number and best contact method so that we can contact you. We'd like to find out the specifics and find a resolution.

2011-06-17 01:37:48 by Irene Dunne
Re: my Allconnect Acct. No. 20211642, Order #6319327, Order Date 06/06/11. As a Comcast customer at the time the special Five Year Lock In Price for Directv Choice Xtra Monthly for $45.00 was offered to me by "Lou" at 1-866-577-7159, I agreed to change to Directv based on this offer. However, my first statement from Directv indicates a charge of $65.99 for Choice Xtra Monthly. My old email address was; my NEW email address is: I am unable to retrieve the Rebate page on your website. It indicates that it does not recognize my email address (my password is consistent). How do I submit a Rebate when I am locked out of the site??? It would seem to me that nothing is as it was presented to me. I request that immediate action be taken to correct the Directv price with Directv and I want immediate access to the Rebates web page to process my Rebate as soon as possible. Please advise how you are going to handle all of the above. Thank you. Irene Dunne (505) 312-7462, 6227 Avenida Madrid NW, ABQ, NM 87114; my Directv Account # is 62196825.
2011-06-28 23:14:15 by Beth Talbot
After looking up your order, I see that you had placed the order with DirecTV regarding the satellite, and then you placed the order for Qwest phone and internet with us. We do not have the satellite information or pricing, and do not handle the rebates. We set up the phone and internet portion of the bundle. I recommend contacting DirecTV directly to discuss any pricing or rebate issues. Their phone number is 1-800-531-5000. I hope this helps you get the information and assistance that you need with your account.

Thank you.
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