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2010-06-23 02:06:17 by Angie Noland
I have not recieved my NSDR Registration Papers for Bearpath's Freckles a blue eye black tri female with perked ears last I talked to Sandy Goldschmitt Attorney he said she was suppose to mail them to me I still have not recieved the papers as of June 22,2010 it's been over a year Sandy where are they?? Thanks Angie
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2010-06-23 11:11:30 by sandy
Angie Noland,I have NEVER I repeat NEVER sold you a dog!!! You were told by my ATTORNEY,3 years ago, to deal directly with JR RUSSELL CEO/ NATIONAL STOCK DOG REGISTRY.You did recieve a set of registration papers however from CEO/ LOIS STEVENS AMERICAN STOCK DOG REGISTRY. Angie Noland is a trouble maker,and has posted on this site X-complaints that she intends to put me out of business. Angie Noland and Donna Gough have united in their persuit of Cyberstalking and Internet Harassment against.Angie and Donna update their complaint monthly so it stays at the top of the search engines.All 3, Angie Noland, Donna Gough and X-Complaints are currently under INVESTIGATION by the GEORGIA BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. This site X-COMPLAINTS allows spam and harassment to continue and does nothing about it.
Angie I guess I will have to have my ATTORNEY have the MISSOURI STATE POLICE come and pay you a visit AGAIN!
2010-06-24 15:49:40 by Angie Noland
YOU SANDY called NSDR and had them put a STOP to the papers and YOU SANDY need to send me the NSRD papers on BEARPATH'S FRECKLES. YOUR attorney told me that YOU were going to mail them to me. So to resolve this matter YOU SANDY GOLDSCHMITT need to send ME the papers. Thank You ANGIE NOLAND
2010-06-25 11:24:48 by Sandy
I have been instructed by the POLICE not to respond to you ANGIE NOLAND . THIS is my last response to you since you don't seem to understand ENGLISH. I have NEVER SOLD YOU A DOG!, and NEVER had any dealings with you. That is the END of this issue! GET A LIFE!
2010-06-27 01:33:46 by Angie Noland
This is Angie Noland from Little Bit Ranch In concerns to Sandy Goldschmitt at Bear Path Aussies for Registration Papers I have not recieved from her.I HOPE you contact your ATTORNEY he will remember telling me you Sandy Goldschmitt at Bear Path Aussies and Aussies-Minis which website do you go by now I have kept my same website for EVER and for some reason you keep changing your website. You were suppose to send me Bearpath's Freckles papers. All this took place February 26,2008 maybe you need to remember the dates I do have a copy of ALL the emails you sent me telling me That I was an IDIOT. Also I do have it RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME that you sold the dog to a breeder in Kentucky and I received Bearpath's Freckles from her you know WHAT DOG IT IS. Please send me the paperwork so all can be settled.Thank You Angie Noland
2010-06-27 15:19:16 by NSDR/ FRAUD BY ANGIE NOLAND
NSDR papers were revoked 2/28/08 due to FRAUD against NSDR by ANGIE NOLAND little bit ranch,UNIONVILLE MISSOURI. Have any questions Contact JR RUSSELL NATIONAL STOCK DOG REGISTRY
2010-07-12 19:40:25 by Angie Noland
I am in PERFECT STANDINGS with NSDR I talked with CEO JR RUSSELL the other day. Thank You Angie Noland
2016-03-08 07:24:07 by bill marek
I have tried to reach JR Russell for the last 3 weeks and she has not responded to me regarding my application for registry.

Does anyone know what happened to JR Russell?
2017-09-28 02:27:09 by Manuelrof
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