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Actors Alliance by TOM BEGLEY - Scam and rip off!

2011-01-26 10:04:36 by Heatdo
When i first got in contact with him i was only 16 yrs old, im now nearly 18. I was sucked right in with his lies and promises of lots of work. I aspire to become an actor its been my dream since i was young so i was very eager and didnt think twie about paying 380 dollars for photos and a spot on his website which i never got. 2 yrs later and im still not on there. One thing i did get tho was a small role in his film fight to glory i played a carachter with a few lines. this was around early last year and his still making this movie.I belive he is making the process go as long as he can to make As much money as he can. dont be sucked in with his promises and lies stay right away from him. he also runs this buisness by himself aso he charges whatever price he wants. one little girl was charged 1500 to join and she only got an extra role in the movie. I would like some advice, if any one can tell me some good agencies to join up with.
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2011-07-01 00:11:15 by alittwiser
i am an actor also who nearly fell into the trap of this mans 'company'. My advise from what ive learnt is to always do your research! Look up Australian Business Numbers to make sure the company is registered. Google search the company, and its members. And find out what actors are already with the company, if they are any good there should be lots of people activly working within the Australian industry. Also, you should never have to pay for ANY agency! If they want to represent you, it it their job to make themselves money by helping you get work (as they will get a commission).
Even if you have never worked before, GOOD casting agents know what the industry wants and if your it they will do anything and everything to help you.

Hope this helps!
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