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We Cosign Inc. - Scam

2010-09-28 12:03:34 by Jim Brown
This company We Cosign states that they offer cosign services regardless of their credit. We went to their website and paid an application fee and we were never contacted by anyone from their office. We called repeatedly to try to get someone on the phone to discuss for an apartment that we were trying to rent. The customer service was appaulling and very rude. They stated that they do not cosign for people in my area. We told them that we live in South Central Los Angeles. We asked them to refund our application fee and they told us that it was non-refundable even though they could not help us. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and we are now looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit. We urge you not to use this company. You will be dissappointed and ripped off. If you have been ripped off by this company please email us at

Jim Brown
an African American
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