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2011-05-03 10:21:27 by vicky malpass
I also went to seek a loan today. after looking over many sites, i chose a couple and applied online. one was money and when they were on the phone, they seemed lovely, but in the last stage, i was told 2 companies could offer me a loan. one called Borro, which stated i had to have 2 things; an email address and gold jewellery to send them! and the other was flm loans who would need fees and a gaurentor. I declined both and hung up. These people are supposed to help people when they need it but are only bothered about getting money in their own filthy hands. i feel for those who have been trapped in this kind of situation and wish you all the best. best advice is though, speak to someone in person, face to face, in a local bank. no can never tell who you are speaking to over the phone.
Vicky X
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2015-12-11 06:10:48 by Kendall
The rate of interest in the fast cash tneant loans is a bit high but if you shop for the best online lender then can overcome this problem. From the huge bulk of lenders available in the internet comparing and finding the best deal out is very easy. Filling up a simple online form will let you get the loan approved quite fast.
2015-12-11 14:27:11 by Yurika
I've used payday loan twice in the past year<a href=""> besuace</a> of boiler and car problems and the bank wouldn't help me out. In my honest opinion, payday loan can really helps customer with poor credit score in case of emergency if you can afford it. Personally, I used this legit company called Zuntrasoft Payday (do a search on google) before.Thanks to Zuntrasoft Payday, I managed to get my cash within one hour after I applied without credit check and fax.
2015-12-13 07:30:21 by Pamela
most credit union are open to the pulbic now, find one in your area and open an account. they normally offer the best interest rates, when you go to the car dealer and tell them you're going to fiance thu a credit union, they will ask you what cu and they will have a current rate chart for that cu and more than likely match the interest rate. also i've been seeing tv ads by some auto makers offering 0% interest for 60 months [url=]wwtjwcjkrry[/url] [link=]rkixfwgb[/link]
2015-12-15 09:41:34 by Salwa
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