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Thibodeaux Plumbing Co., Inc - Scammed by YMG Publications

2012-01-31 10:10:07 by Nickki Rodriguez
For a year now these people have harrassed me saying that I agreed to this service. I am not even allowed to give authorization to such purchases. My boss makes these decisions so for them to say that I was the one who purchased these services is a LIE!!!!!! I keep getting invoices with an increasing amount on each invoice also I tried calling the number with the extension number that was given and it doesn't exist. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!! I have researched them and everything I come across is that they are a SCAM!!!! What can we do to stop them. I don't even live in New York! I live in why would I need services in New York?
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2012-05-22 23:49:23 by Deepak
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2012-05-25 02:40:13 by tnfeijt
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2017-06-17 10:29:37 by Patrickdum
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