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2009-10-15 08:44:05 by Unpaid Employee
The reason the economy is virtually destroyed is because of people like Reginald Bowser. Scamming hard working, honest Americans and hiding behind an endless line of lawyers. He constantly spews empty promises and plays with peoples professional lives like they're a game. I personally was counting on my several paychecks that I never received to go towards paying off my student loans. This is not just a unique case either; he has not paid any of my fellow photographers to date. People like him are nothing more thank swanky thieves and a leech on the backside of American society.
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2009-10-27 05:43:08 by Jason J. Row
I got this from Reginald "Reggie" Bowser last week. It seems I have to sue him to get the $1400 he owes me...

Please continue to send me these messages and post slanderous statements
online. Every one you send will add another month to your sentence. We're
up to 81 messages at this point.

For the record, once again, we will not pay you a dime because we don't owe
you anything. I've implored you to sue me. Of course, you haven't done
that because you know we don't owe you anything.

You have no idea how hard it is to exercise the discipline necessary to deal
with someone like you and remain focused on my business and family. I'm
doing it though, because of the strength you've given me. I refuse to fail
because of YOU, Jason Row. Thank you so much. I swear I mean every word of

I will see you in court. And, I'll come visit you in jail, too. Can't wait
to see you in an orange jumpsuit.

Jamie, Jeff, Officer Graham and Dain, I'm sorry. I couldn't refrain from
sending this. I had a weak moment, but it will be the last one I send to
him regardless of what he says or does.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jason Row []
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 6:30 PM
To: Reginald Bowser
Subject: Thief

Hey... In case you forgot... You are a coward... pay me my money...

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Jason J. Row
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2018-04-06 22:59:25 by Hidden Gems
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