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2011-05-10 13:23:57 by john olivant
missed payment for april 2011

Reason friend killed by drunk driver,leaving widow,children 8 & 11,within 24 hrs bombarded with texts, saying you agreed to a contract,we need this money to lend to others,
when i said you will be up to date before the end of the month,garantor also harrased,
also mentioned my trusty 14yr labrador got cancer,
today i find they have helped themselves to 95% of my pension,

So if you are looking for a loan give this outfit a miss because they're helpful
till you've accepted THEIR t&c without you reading all the SMALL PRINT
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2013-08-14 21:33:11 by Alejandra
The interest from a pay day loan is atcooirus. Definitely a last resort. For an amount that small, I would try a close friend or a relative. And then pay it back the very first thing. Asking a new employer about an advance is probably going to raise a bunch of warning flags on their part unless the new employer is related to you (as in your uncle or aunt, etc.).Perhaps your mother who's tardy paying your credit cards on time could help out as well. You could also try a site like but I'm not sure if you're below their minimum amount. What's you're going to want to do when you start your new job is to set aside money for times like this in your future.
2013-08-23 07:34:46 by Hideo
Love your cake!!! The mummy is adorable I would like to try and make it for a cake I'm doing. What size (height) is the mummy? Is it<a href=""> shpead</a> from rice krispies or did you do it entirely out of gumpaste/fondant?
2013-08-25 09:48:33 by Bebely
They are legit but have no heart. They charge you amlsot 300% interest and expect payment the next paycheck and if not you can extend it, which is what they want so they can continue to charge you outrageous interest. Stay away from them, they are sharks! [url=]parbxf[/url] [link=]efoeqcmn[/link]
2013-08-27 02:20:22 by Antonio
sooooo cool Shannon! I wish you were here to make my birthday cake! You <a href="">rellay</a> did a great job. I bet Mario would like this for his birthday!
2013-09-03 17:03:36 by Gibelly
Use a flash if your going to shoot someone in front of a sseunt? Okay, I'm going to try that one! Thanks so much, I' m new to photography and scrapbooking and I just love any tips I can find! Thanks so much for sharing. [url=]fwoppfuks[/url] [link=]ynqmhx[/link]
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