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2010-11-30 12:59:40 by Sandra
Ordered product on 3/5 and they claim they shipped it on 3/14 but I never received it. They had no proof of shipment or delivery but blamed me for not contacting them within 10 days to cancel. They charged my credit card $87.47. The best they would offer me was a $20 credit but their credit site states they will send my account info to a fraud database. They are the FRAUDS! This is a scam. Do NOT order. I sure hope the law catches up with these people really soon.

Here is their contact info:
Miami Florida
Work: 954.482.4255
Fax: 305.402.0224
Cell: 305.915.9600
Email: MSN:
AIM: Issa10
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2013-08-15 02:28:30 by Danny
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2013-08-23 07:48:17 by Eric
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2013-08-25 10:01:58 by Tommy
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2013-08-27 02:31:17 by Amy
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2013-09-03 17:15:53 by Duda
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