Blue Angel Pomeranians & Chihuahuas Mary Ellen Strennen Complaints

Blue Angel Pomeranians & Chihuahuas Mary Ellen Strennen - Terrible breeder--no morals

2015-01-12 17:45:46 by Amanda Johnson
In Jan 2014 I came across an ad for a dog that I had sold Mary Ellen Strennen under strict contract. Contract stated I was to receive a puppy out of this dog for no fee (she was given a reduced price for this agreement) at my expense of shipping & that is the dog was rehomed/sold for ANY reason I was to be offered first right of refusal (meaning the dog would be given back to me). I contacted her to let her know i wanted the dog back. She then told me Kandi had been hit by a car, ran away, & was hopefully still alive in the bitter cold weather MD was having at that time. I contacted an attorney. I also placed several "flag" ads asking people not to buy her while I was pursuing legal options. Several people contacted me saying the almost bought her & shared their emails with me. In several emails to at least 3 separate people Mary Ellen stated that Kandi ha had several litters with an average of 4 puppies per litter that sold for $1500 a piece. She was selling my dog for $1800 (double what she paid me). And our correspondence in Dec 2013 regarding Kandi being bred was that she had 1 male & he passed away. She always claimed Kandi didn't take prior to that whenever I asked about my puppy I was owed. In Nov 2014 a litter of 4 puppies was registered with the AKC. I also subpoenaed vet records that proved Kandi had a litter & recently weaned them in Feb 2014. Kandi is also microchipped & the 3rd party (innocent to Mary Ellen's lies) who purchased Kandi was not aware of the situation. She was given false AKC paperwork & pedigree; all completely unrelated to the dog she received therefore she would not have had any proper information concerning the breeding of this dog. She took the dog to her vet who confirmed it was indeed my dog based on the scanning of the microchip. A year later Mary Ellen has appealed the courts decision that she indeed breached our contract and is responsible for her actions. She plans to use the defense that I sold her a dog that did not care for her puppies & consequently they all passed away. The 3rd party who currently has possession of Kandi bred her & she had 5 healthy puppies on 1/2/2015 & is a wonderful mother. I want to caution anyone looking for a Pom or chi in Centreville, MD NOT to do business with this woman. She is deceitful, unethical, & obviously does not have the interest of her dogs before the potential dollar she can make off of them.
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2015-05-28 19:08:27 by Mary
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