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Vitamins For Varicose Veins - The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

2019-08-09 04:03:27 by steffandevin
This fat is generally found in a thin person, especially in children. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy This is the reason why children have warmer temperature. This type of fat looks like muscle than white fat. When it is active, this fat can burn white fat. It can burn calorie. This type of fat is not much. In a big person, it is only 2-3 ounce. But, it can burn 300-500 calorie each day. It means that it can burn 0.5 kilograms a week.It is to save energy and produce hormone which will be distributed through blood. Small fat cell will produce adiponectin hormone. This hormone makes your lever and muscle more sensitive to insulin hormone that can make you strong to diabetes and heart disease. But, when you are in obesity, the production of adiponectin hormone is getting slower. As a result, you can easily affected by disease.

It is found right under skin. Mostly, it is found in thigh and buttock. This type of fat that is found in this area is basically not dangerous. But it is not the same with what is found in the stomach.It is found in the inner organ and can cause health disorder. If you have a big waist, you can convince yourself that you have visceral fat. It plays an important part in insulin resistance that can cause diabetes.It is not a healthy fat. It consists of visceral fat and subcutan fat. It can cause several of disease such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.
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