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Alexander Jankuv - The worst support service ever

2013-05-23 09:36:44 by Amanda32
Beware of Alexander Jankuv - this person is the worst supporter ever! Alexander Jankuv works for and he doesn't provide a support services as he has to. I used to be a customer of and I've sent many tickets to their support with requests and about problems with their services but I never received any help from Alexander Jankuv their support person. It seems that he has no idea what he is doing and may provide rude answer without any help.
Be careful, after such experience I can confirm that it is nothing but waste of time and money.
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2013-05-23 09:47:27 by BrotherMay
I know exactly what are you talking about! I am a customer of and after encountering Jankuv I don't want to be one any more. This guy is just unbelievable. The only thing he did is taunted at me because of me being so "lame" posting such a simple question! I am paying for their service and I expect an adequate and polite customer service! Not this... I am really considering moving to another hosting provider now although I didn't have any issues with them before.
2013-05-23 14:53:45 by Windoom
I'm using just like you guys and I have a complaint about Alexander Jankuv as well. He was assigned to be a supporter on my ticket but it takes ages to get a response from him. It looks like this guy couldn't be bothered whatsoever, I wasted 2 days waiting for my problem to be sorted out but I know for sure that this could be done in 5 minutes with proper attitude in place. Next time if I will have this guy assigned to help me I will open another ticket and ask for him to be substituted with another person, that's how pissed I am about this situation!!! Anyway, good luck in getting better service..., cheers.
2013-08-14 21:42:58 by Yadhi
roya joon didi oon tabi ra ke migoftam???? leknisho barat tooye matn tag kardam .. in mobile ham kheili khoshgeleh heif ke shohareh ma bihoseleh ast!
2013-08-23 07:17:02 by Suhail
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2013-08-25 09:31:02 by Lucia
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2013-08-27 02:06:40 by Gago
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2013-09-03 16:42:39 by Benten
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