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Allconnect - They are liars. Don't go with them.

2010-04-28 14:29:59 by Henry Ma
My wife and I recently relocated to the Bay Area, and yesterday I phoned PG&E to set up an account for our new home. The call was quick and smooth and lasted less than 5 minutes. If it had ended there, I would have had an excellent first impression of PG&E. Unfortunately, before ending the call, the customer representative asked for my permission to transfer the call to someone who would "verify the details of my account set up and also can help me set up other utilities". Well, doesn't hurt to verify the details one more time right? So I agreed. But the subsequent individual was really a salesperson with AllConnect, a company (or a new PG&E branch) that claims to help PG&E customers set up other home services.

This salesperson tried very hard to sell me AT&T U-verse, I really wanted to go with Comcast. When he told me that his rates with Comcast were the same as that offered directly by Comcast, I told him there was no reason then for me to sign up through him. He asked me a few more questions about my TV watching habits and when he learned that I was not interested in any premium movie channels, he offered me a HD Triple-Play Preferred package (but without any movie channels) for $40 cheaper than the Preferred package offered directly by Comcast. Like I said, I don't need movie channels so I gladly signed up. He also was able to add DVR service for $7,95/month, instead of $12.95 if I go directly to Comcast.

Moments after the call, I received a confirmation email from AllConnect. The price in the email was not as agreed. I called them back today and was told that sometimes the confirmation email does not show the discount. I told this guy that the email did mention a 47% discount, but the amount was still $30 more than what was offered to me. He then said there was nothing he could do and I need to call Comcast.

What??!!! Why does AllConnect exist anyway? What is the reason why anyone would go with them if it were not for a better price? They seemed to be a bunch of crooks who would say anything to sign up a customer even if the information given is wrong.

Do not ever go with AllConnect.

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2010-05-11 12:01:37 by Bibi Uddin
Mr. Ma, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please accept our apologies for the error in regards to your Comcast order. The error was with the package information in our database. After viewing your complaint, we realized the error and have corrected it. It was not our Sales Associate’s intention to deceive you. He was providing the information he thought to be correct.

We’ve tried to contact you to resolve this to your satisfaction. We left a voicemail on 4/29/10 and sent an email on 5/4/10. Will you email us at We are confident we can meet a satisfactory resolution. Again, our sincere apologies for this error; we hope to hear from you.
2010-07-28 15:50:54 by M. Velasquez
Yes ..all connect is a scam...they give pg&e money for each transferred call to allconnnect...then the different cable/phone companies give them a commission for each customer they get signed up....916 215 8469 if you need any more clarification.
2010-09-07 23:50:21 by Squire
First of all, I am entirely pissed off at CONSUMERS ENERGY in Michigan for even forwarding my call to these thieves to begin with - is it not enough that you charge insane rates and have a veritable MONOPOLY AND lobby to prevent the progress of alternate (and cheaper) energy - but you have to get every last little penny, which includes preying on my naivete? First of all, this is being absolutely rude to your customer and his/her privacy. If it were not for your disgustingly legal monopoly, I would seek an alternative energy provider. But secondly, to that patronizing, vapid customer service woman: no, I do not want television. There is nothing wrong with me. Not everyone wants to watch American Idol and Survivor and Jersey Shore, the epitome of American life... No, I do not want a stupid land line. I don't even know anyone with a land line anymore. And you act shocked? We are in a recession. And I can get wireless internet for less than $20 a month. Eventually in a minute internet access will be free. Not everyone can afford it and the digital divide persists
2010-10-18 19:16:52 by Earl
Squire: You said it. I was PISSED when consumers transferred me to these people. I was told it was "to get my confirmation number". (@*k that.
2011-06-19 10:56:26 by Lee
Yup Dominion Virginia Power uses the same scam artists. I specifically said I want the exact Verizon items I have at my current address transfered to my new address. Shouldnt be a problem-only moving 1 mile. How direct can I be.? After wasting 1/2 hour with the rep yapping about junk I dont want I thought I was done. The next day I checked my e-mailed order and found I was signed up for a bundle I did not approve. I had to call and cancel. Then go directly to Verizon and indicate what I wanted to do. Verizon took care of it in 10 minutes. When Dominion asks if they can transfer you to the third party JUST SAY NO. Allconnect is a scam.
2012-05-16 00:42:26 by cdl08
Even if the comcasts rates were the same as allconnects why not set them up while your already on the phone with the agent? That way you do not have to make an additional phone call. I would rather do everything in one call than having to make multiple calls....
2012-08-06 03:28:50 by Encuentranos
The point that is grossly ovoreolked is that Comcast sells their service based on several tiers of MEGABITS PER SECOND. You can buy a 5mbps plan, or upgrade to 12 or 16 mbps plans.They don't market that you can only use #mbps X seconds per month. So if they sell me a plan for 16mbps without adequately disclosing limits, they are practicing a bait and switch technique. Lure the customer in with an attractive marketing offer, then sell them something they did not expect.Also, they do not provide any good metering, management, or QOS tools. It doesn't matter what the limit is, whether it's a fair and reasonable limit, if they impose limits on households (and in mine I have 7 machines in use for the family), then they need to provide useful tools for the ordinary consumer. As a network engineer, I know how to effectively manage my household bandwidth use, and my kids are throttled so they don't impact my Vonage service, and Vonage is set on my router as high priority traffic with QOS settings.We use hulu, joost, amazon VOD, slingbox, PS3 online, gametap, and are certainly on the high end of capacity usage (and this cap would actually not even impact me TODAY). But I use Verizon FIOS and only purchased a 2/5 plan. Even with all those services and up to seven concurrent users, 2/5 is enough for me, my wife, and kids.BUT, Comcast's marketing will fool the average consumer. Go ahead Comcast, and sell a product with bandwidth limits, but don't market something entirely different.
2012-08-07 03:40:36 by axmits
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2012-11-30 20:28:26 by Susan
I recently called Consmuer's Energy to transfer my gas service to my new home. I asked them for a confirmation number and they said they would have to transfer me to Allconnect for that. An agent came on the line and gave me a confirmation number for the new gas service and then started giving me a pitch for internet/cable service. I advised him that I had just called Brighthouse and made arrangements with them for my interent/cable service at $75/mo. He went on and on and tried to sell me services that I told him I don't use nor want. I repeatedly told him that I had to hang up becuase I was at work. He asked for just a few more minutes and I let him talk. He told me that AT&T would cost me about $80. At some point in the conversation he told me that we could go with the price that we "discussed." I told him we hadn't "discussed" any price. He then said he would email me a comfirmation number. Thinking that he was talking about the confirmation number for the gas service I said fine and again, told him that I had to hang up. I got home that evening and found an email with the confrimation number for the gas service AND a confirmation number for cable/interent service at $99/mo!! I was astounded! Why Consumers, or Brighthouse, or any other company would use Allconnect is a mystery to me. It certainly reflects poorly on them!
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