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2019-08-14 05:33:45 by steffandevin
Although it's seems easier to stuff them, numb them, eat them, brush Unlimited Abundance them off, medicate them, we pay the price of avoidance eventually. Emotions are meant to be experienced, and let go. They are part of the human experience, but we have become very clever at building dams and erecting walls, to avoid them. A good question to ask several times a day is "how am I feeling"? Being with whatever is coming up simply means letting yourself experience the anger, sadness, frustration, breathing into it, and letting it pass through you and out. For those blocked emotions from past hurts and traumas, we may need a little extra help from therapy or coaching. I have found Gestalt therapy and Core Energetics to have a real impact in releasing blocked emotions.

Taking care of our bodies, involves paying attention to signals as well as living a healthy lifestyle. Your symptoms are often signals of emotional issues you may not be dealing with. A great resource for mind body connections, is Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. She lists illnesses and their possible emotional component.A healthy diet and regular exercise are basic ways of taking care of your body. There is so much out there on superfoods, foods as cures, juicing, ways to exercise depending on your particular body issues and simple changes we can make to reduce the toxic load in our bodies. Know your body and its own particular needs and make a plan based on what you need and want for your body. Having a physical and a full set of lab work done on a yearly basis can give you essential information about your physical health, information you can then use to create your own unique plan for greater physical health.
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