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2010-05-26 11:34:23 by ex-slave
Company information:
John Hinkle's Marketing Lifelines
United States
Phone: (702)612-9935

On around April 1, John Hinkle hired me as one of his writers for his website. Our agreement was that he was going to pay me $0.01 per word, or $5 per 500-word article. On May 6, 2010, he asked me (through e-mail) to write 6 articles for his website. I finished submitting all the articles on May 9, 2010. He replied saying, "Looking good Gia...proceed to the blog posting portion. Make the 1st post for tomorrow and space them apart 3 days in between. Let me know once done so I can check over. Remember to use internal links for each post and they must be 3-6 words long relating to the post they link to."

I did as instructed and finished posting the 6 blog posts on the same day (May 9). The rate for each blog posting done was $2.50 - $3. We agreed upon this on the first day of my work with him.

On May 11, he replied and told me some corrections. That's where a "miscommunication issue" started. He started to get irritated and threw personal and insulting remarks at me. We both lost our cools, and a heated exchange of words began. All of this was through e-mail. Because I've already had enough, I told him that I was going to quit, and told him about how I felt mistreated throughout the course of my work with him. I also asked him to send me the payment for the 6 articles and blog posts that he made me do.

He did not reply so I kept on sending him e-mails. On May 14, he finally sent a reply, saying:


It's absolutely hilarous that you think that your whining and bickering has at all hurt my ego. Your the one who decided to cry about how your feelings were hurt over breadcrumbs. I was just ignoring your juvenile pokes at me for the time, seeing that you were sending the same damn emails every day. I didn't see a reason to respond, since you already know how I feel about you and your situation...this is just a waste of my valuable business time and resources.

I will be deleting your posts shortly, for I am also changing business venues. I also gave you a $150 spinning/submitter application that is well worth the small amount I owe you. On top of the training I provided you and the time spent in getting you adjusted to the new OWE me!

Let's say $75 will do for the training videos, time taken from me, and the free software application you received. That will do. Thank you!


My reply:

"I don't owe you. You trained me to do work for you. I can't believe that you think the one time that I decided to let you know about how I felt mistreated is called whining and bickering. I never realized how narrow-minded you were.

YOU OWE ME. I wrote your articles for you. I did not waste your time because I gave you quality work that you needed. You even said so that I did a good job, right?

YOU WERE THE ONE WHO TOOK AND WASTED MY TIME. You were the one who kept me waiting for hours. I NEVER wasted your time. It was you who wasted both of our time.

You made me write your articles, and YOU NEED TO PAY ME FOR THEM. I WASTED MY TIME FOR THOSE. Fine, don't go pay for the blog posts, delete them if you want. But those articles were requested by you, and no matter what you say you need to pay me for them because you accepted them and did not complain about them. Don't you know any business etiquette?

You sent me the applications because I needed them for the TASKS that YOU MADE ME DO. I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING. YOU OWE ME. No matter how you look at it, YOU OWE ME. Even if you ask a lawyer about it, YOU OWE ME.

If it hasn't hurt your ego then why are you so bitter about it that you won't send me the payment that I worked for?

Anyway, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR EGO. BE PROFESSIONAL. You claim yourself to be a businessman, and we're talking business here. I wrote those articles for you so PAY FOR THEM."

His reply:

"I don't really know how you place "hurt ego" into the category of not paying you. Are you so egotistical that you really think that any of your poor comments make a difference on my ego? You are truly living in your own world aren't you?

I explained myself in the last letter. I don't need to do it again and again and again. You received high value applications and training from me, which is worth WELL over what is owed to you.

Good day!

My Reply:

"Your explanation is invalid, as we had an agreement that you were going to pay me for all the articles that you were going to make me write. It was agreed upon from the very beginning. It's understandable if you don't pay for the blog posts, but for the articles, you already accepted them. It's like having a suit tailor-made for you, wearing it to a business event, and then later returning it and not paying for it because your time was wasted in instructing the tailor what you wanted it to look like."

After that, he stopped replying to my e-mails. I left comments on his blog, but they all got deleted everytime, so I know that he's online and he already got to read my e-mail.

Because he still hasn't deleted the articles from his blog, I sent him another e-mail on May 14, saying:

"Mr. John Hinkle,

I am giving you 24 hours to PERMANENTLY DELETE the 6 articles from your blog,

6 Articles:

Importance of Effective Network Marketing Training Online
Success Through Valuable Multi Level Marketing Leads
Top 5 Fool-Proof Ways on How to Succeed Network Marketing
The Wonders of Targeted Ezine Marketing in Boosting Profits
Ezine Marketing Tips for Business Growth
Revolutionary Tips for Successful Article Marketing

You MAY NOT use them in any way. You may NOT post them in any other site, including your blog and other article directories. You may not spin the said articles and/or reproduce them in any other way. You may not do anything with them BUT DELETE THEM PERMANENTLY.

Since you're not going to pay for them, again, I'm giving you 24 hours to delete them from your blog. And just to remind you, you are NOT authorized to use them in any way. You can't spin them, post them on any website, send them to anyone else, etc.

I hope you're literate enough to have understood those terms.

Thank you"

He did not reply, and I don't think he will. I still kept on posting comments on his blog, and they still get deleted. So I really know that he read my e-mails. As of this writing, the 5 articles are already posted on his blog, and he won't delete them. On the other hand, the remaining article will be posted on Sunday, May 23. I know about this because I was the one who posted and scheduled those blog posts, as he instructed me to do so. He refuses to delete them from his blog and he does not reply to my e-mails. He owes me around $45 in total.
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2010-06-30 08:21:24 by oergpekgf'llkzdnz
2010-08-01 11:53:58 by john
contact the BBB
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