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2009-08-16 04:54:08 by Sky
I am a senior sales executive and I used to revise my resume, noting that it was an "immediate need." I received the worst service that I have ever had. The one person working on resumes was completely unprofessional. He revised my resume in 2 days without even talking to me to ask what it is that I wanted changed. When I sent him corrections, I waited another 2 days before contacting him again since I hadn't heard anything. When I spoke to him, he proceeded to lecture me on why the revision he made was perfect and that the changes I wanted made were nonsensical. He was argumentative and would not listen to a word I said. When I asked him if I could work with anyone else, he said there was no one else available at the moment and then said he didn't know if anyone else would be available the next business day either. After politely trying to explain why I wanted the changes made, he adamantly stated that his revision did not need to be changed and that he's not in the business of making changes to make the customer happy, despite his “100% customer satisfaction” guarantee. I asked for my money back and he said "this isn't Wal-mart, you can't get your money back." I would never use this service nor would I recommend it to anyone. It was a complete waste of money.
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2009-08-16 04:55:51 by Philip Kam
EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE - DO not use this - not worth it - there are much better services out there.
2009-09-16 19:59:21 by kevin
I had a wonderful experience with this company despite my suspisions. They prepared a comprehensive resume that landed me the job within a week of searching. The recruiter told me he was very impressed with my resume and asked if i had it professionally done. I laughed and thought to myself, should get all the credit, but i didnt say that obviously. I would recommend this company to anyone - and everyone keep in mind, you cant satisfy every customer so make your own decision based on their credentials and try calling the company first to see how you click. Good luck
2009-10-23 08:49:04 by BMD
I also had a wonderful experience with Careers Plus Resumes. Not sure why some people have to act like little babies and post this crap online, but they should stop their whining and get a life. Focus on working with them to make your resume better instead of complaining and escalating your own complaint.
2010-01-29 02:02:11 by Shelly Baker
I ordered a resume package from this company, then came across these reviews. After reading a few of them, I though!!! maybe I made a mistake in choosing them. But within 24 hours as promised, after consulting with my writer, I was provided with a resume that far exceeded my expectations. I guess sometime you gotta just realize that some people act out of emotion and post comments like these huh. Everyone's experience is different depending on how you handle the situation. I got the job!!!
2010-02-19 18:55:09 by khcgqpnj
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2010-10-12 03:09:32 by preshis
I had the same experience as the first two posts. I had a horrific experience with Careers Plus Resume and with Justin. The product is inferior, the customer service was abusive, the service slow and they don't fulfill their promises. Moreover, Justin, nor his staff, have no desire to make things right, to try to reach amicable agreements or to compromise. Stay away from Careers Plus!

Funny that most of those defending Careers Plus resort to name calling and defaming those who post honest criticism due to poor service. That is the same tactic that Justin the owner resorts to and he spends a considerable amount of time posting on these review sites in defense of his company.

Choose a different company if you value results and want good customer service.
2010-11-18 17:08:51 by Brian Greenbrier
This was a great service. I landed a job 2 days after getting a resume from them.
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