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2019-08-09 10:04:10 by Jessymeshak
Then a Virtual Patch employs an association of Natural Vitiligo Treatment System Review marine collagen, serine and some high weight molecules to form a protective micro-net. This micro-net acts as a virtual skin bandage to prevent moisture from escaping from the targeted skin and at the same time enhancing the skin's natural barrier. Virtual Patch technology also utilizes serine as a transfer agent to deliver key ingredients to the affected areas. This system works hand-in-hand with the FillingSpheres to maximize the efficacy of Trilastin-SR stretch mark complex.

Now, Trilastin SR has introduced another astonishing system that is called Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System or SDDS for sustained timed-release. This system creates a protective, invisible skin patch while the functional ingredients will be slowly released to the targeted areas. Consequently, the skin will be getting a continuous supply of important ingredients for the repair of stretch marks until the next application of the stretch mark cream. Scientists believed that repair and growth of cells are often greatest while a person is sleeping. Therefore, during the long hours of sleep, this system provides another advantage to the product. With this newly added technology, users will find the results to be more effective than before.
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