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2010-02-10 19:49:13 by Va Contractors
I was contacted by Donna & Buster Gough Vanity Grove Farm, Amelia Va
for a job to lay concrete for their Miniature Horse Farm and Miniature Australian Shepherd Kennel. They were given a quote and accepted the bid for the job. After the job was done to their satisfaction, Donna and Buster Gough had buyers remourse. Donna complained so much, she threaten me, my reputation and my business. Donna Gough took me to court, I had to return her $$ and had to pay for the job from my own pocket. I have found out Donna&Buster Gough do this all the time. BUYER /SELLERS BEWARE do not DEAL with this couple they will try to get their $$ back under any circumstances.
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2010-02-16 09:42:57 by Donna Gough
First off I would like to say that this post is totally Fabricated. It has been created as a tool to seek and destroy myself and my husband ,as other post on this site and other sites have been created and are very similar in content, they are following a complaint filed my myself about a dog breeder. We have not contracted anyone to lay concrete at Vanity Grove Farm and we do not have a kennel. We own a breeding pair of Aussies and two pugs that are both spayed and neutered.They are a part of our family and stay with us in our home. Therefore, we did not poor any concrete for any kennel or other. We have had only two sets of puppies.
Other post with the same similarities as this one has been posted on this site and others with the sole purpose of slandering our good name. Court records are open to the public, you will not find any court proceeding at all in reference to our name or farm. Please feel free to contact the Better Business Bureau or Amelia County Clerk for proof. We apologize to anyone that has been effected by these Fabricated post. Should you wish to speak to us about this you may reach us via the email posted in the complaint.
2010-02-21 19:40:00 by OMG donna&Buster Gough got us too
OMG they got us too, thought we were the only ones.They seemed alright. Lets you know a scammer can come in any package. Don't buy from either of these people, Donna & Buster Gough
2010-03-09 19:54:17 by Virginia Paving/Contractors
You are the same Donna Z Gough that posted a complaint against me and my business on arn't you Donna? Lets be honest here! You make the complaint and then deny that you did it.If anyone cares to check yes Donna Z Gough, Amelia VA did post a report on August 14th 2009 against me and my paving business. I responded to you Donna on that site,Yet you continue to deny and you continue to lie that you do this all the time, to people. Do not deal with Donna Gough either as a Buyer or Seller.
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