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2009-08-21 07:26:14 by David Breston
I have experienced terrible customer service. I don't know about the Wordpress thing other then some of the script reminds me of Wordpress.. Probably asking Wordpress themselves would solve that question. I have called many times without an answer. For two months I have been waiting for 2.5 upgrade. Michael said he was tired of dealing with my support requests and told me to take down his software. He said he would refund in 30 days. He could have refunded in 3 minutes via paypal. I hope he does refund my money. His website says satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime support but that was not my experience. Hopefully I will get a refund like he promised. Not sure why he likes to prolong the misery for me but that is his business decision. I can't recommend his software because of the slow or non-existence upgrade and troubleshooting help. He never did troubleshoot the script so I am wondering if something fishy is going on. He always said his "team" would look at it. I will keep you guys posted on refund as he now says it's being "processed". If I don't get a refund I will go to the attorney general. I have only heard a voice on an answering machine. He never has picked up the phone. It seems odd that anything technical he has his "team" do and then gets very defensive. He emailed me and said he would refund my my money even though he demanded that I immediately take down the wazzum software which I did. Still no refund. Hopefully he will pull through. Something seems odd about the whole thing. I paid $300 mostly because the site had me convinced there would be excellent support. I did not receive it. Michael in the end sent emails laughing at the fact that I could not get a fully functioning site for two months. I installed a script from a different company in 5 minutes and it worked fine so it was not my servers. regardless he offered a refund and so I will waoit 30 days and start legal action as I am out $300 with never a fully functioning 2.5 script which I deleted within one minute of receiving Michael's request to do so.
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2009-10-21 09:18:17 by Igna
For those of you that are considering purchasing anything from michael at or any wazzum software please consider this before purchasing, things have changed for the worse. I was his first customer, back then he convinced me that he would have so much to offer me regarding the wazzum software and that it was still in the building stage, i admired his energy and his commitment to customer service back then. But things have obviously changed since that day, when i purchased the service i was told about all the features that would come with the package i was buying and two of those features were the Instant Messenger Feature as well as the Chat Feature. I recieved an email today (after he turned off those two services i might add) that he was no longer going to include those two items in the package and that we had to pay $99 for them now. So i kindly sent him a message asking him why, he replied with the original email that i never received, no formal note nothing just an cold email, so i sent him another email asking him to give me what i paid for out of respect, he replied that it was his decision to restructure as he calls it, i call it ripping people off. he basically blew me off and then took my support away from me, and threaten to call the cops for harrassment. He cannot be trusted... I paid for the software and now the software is free! He wants another $99.00 from me and yet i already paid him for that service as it was supposed to be included. When he has money issues he changes the rules to fill his pockets to fly back and forth to taiwan where he hides out much of the time i guess, he supposedly lives in Oregon but i doubt he spends much time there, its a ripoff... Im not sure whats going on with him lately but he has changed, no longer does he take care of those that are not constantly giving him money, and when you do pay, he just changes the contract as he sees fit and charges you again, i can tell you that if i did not keep my promise to my customers they would leave me, hint hint... I had a feeling the day would come when i maybe should have gone with a different company other than him, but i trusted him to take care of those that took care of him in his hour of need when he was trying to get sales when he first started... I can see now that he is no longer willing to stand behind what he says... he is a worthless spinless weasle Its ok michael and its ok wazzum, im looking elsewhere for other choices as we speak and ill keep you posted when i no longer require you to be associated with me, my good name, or my site any further... Dave Owner

how do we (myself and some other current customers) get involved with this lawsuit, we are starting our own but want to be involved to get this weasel out of business.
2009-11-10 17:51:44 by Wazzum
Wazzum is not a scam. These comments are made by our competition. We are listed at the BBB website with a rating of B which is excellent. We have never scammed anyone. The poster here is a fake review done by which is a known scammer company per the BBB website. Don't believe what idiots type on the Internet, go to the Better Business Bureau and search for yourself.

2009-12-15 09:51:13 by Kate
I am glad to have found this site.

Michael has now made this script free with the addons to be paid for.

I can't believe the email I received on the 17th of October to say that all existing customers (who paid for the program) will no longer get the upgrades unless we pay for them to be done and he is removing the instant chat and messenger modules and if we want them then we have to PAY for them!!! AGAIN. Oh and if we want removed then we have to pay for that as well.

I also received a dirty email from his so-called next door neighbour complaining to all customers that we should be supporting what Michael is doing.

Michael has continually gone on about how Russian scammers are bagging his name but for once they are right. He is a fraud and I am extremely pee'd off with this change of attitude.

Michael what goes around comes around!
2010-01-04 20:54:45 by Michael from Wazzum
I am Michael Pennington and I run All negative comments about my software are written by our competition. Usually these are russian scammers who write bad things about me and my software. I hate Russians as any American should do.

Yes I mainly live in Thailand, Bangkok, but the company is registered in the US, Oregon. In any case the number which you see on the site routes to my personal mobile phone whether I am in Thailand, USA or Europe. I like to travel and I do not see anything bad about it. I like thai girls (and not only girls ;-). As for the quality of the software, I work on it alone and it can not be too complicated. Some day I am going to hire another coder and we will work it out. But now it is just a plain simple script which you can buy on a low price. For better scripts you will pay more. Much more. If you go custom you will pay $10000+. Here you pay only 399 bucks. 399 bucks to start earning thousands? It is a good deal to my mind. If you want a free script to be able to earn a lot of money later search somewhere else. Wazzum is a simple script for a simple price.

Yes you will have a standard Wazzum site like every other client does. But once more if you want something unique go custom. And pay a lot of money.

By the way, wazzum has launched our Reseller Program. You keep 100% of the profits. Visit:

Michael Pennington
2010-04-03 14:29:22 by Wazzum Client
Wazzum is definetly a scam. This gut Michaerl Pennington spend more time justifying that Wazzum is not a scam than helping his customers. Now, because his clients realized that they have been scammed by him, he changed his name to Roy Teo. He is acting like he sold the site. There is an old proverb; if it walk like a duck, talk like duck and act like a duck, its a duck. My point is that Roy Teo do, talk and act like Michael Pernnington. Wazzum is in the process of been reported to the BBB, so if he things that he can keep scamming using the BBB as a reference, he must think twice.
2011-05-10 22:53:39 by LOL
ROFL "I hate Russians as any American should do" (Michael from Wazzum) in the comment above !
2014-02-22 06:27:03 by Solomon
Ive just been scammed by the Wazzum guy. He was good at communication and answered all my queries intelligently and promptly before i made a payment. As soon as i paid him he stopped communicating. My biggest regret is no having had to research about his script before making the payment.

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