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2014-03-01 01:31:39 by ajaydhimaan
WWICS best immigration Consultant

A very big sincere thanks to WWICS for standing by me and my family to ensure our dreams came true. She acted and behaved in a very professional manner from the word go. WWICS took over my case from another bunch of clowns and it was such a relief and a breath of fresh air for me personally. Our visa I am sure would not have been granted in the time frame it was if we did not have WWICS as our acting agent. She is worth her weight in gold. When somebody sends you an email at 1.30am you know you've got a goer and a winner on your team. And we had WWICS as our agent and now we are moving to Australia at the end of the week. I rest my case...Thank you WWICS for everything. God Bless.
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