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2014-01-15 11:58:27 by Amit

I have one simple question to ask the WWICS Company – What on Gods’ green earth were you doing when I was waiting for my PR work to be done by you? Were you sleeping or were you just having a great time while I was stressed out?

I think WWICS never had any intention of completing my work because their only intention was to cheat me. WWICS cheated me big time!! I was stressed, frustrated & helpless. The WWICS cheats ruined my efforts and wasted my time. They are like the personification of how a cheat and fraud looks like. They trapped me in their sweet greased trap and gave me nothing but sorrows. WWICS cheated me by making false promises and made me wait for 10 years, ultimately doing nothing regarding my PR. When you pay them, their attitude towards your work changes drastically. They delay things, take your work carelessly, and don’t put the required efforts needed to complete the work. And at the end of all this drama, you get the shocking news that your work can no more be done. They wasted 10 long years of my life running after them to get my work completed, but they came out with no result for my PR work. Other people reviews too can be clearly seen on various online review sharing portals wherein WWICS victims like me, have shared similar experiences of how WWICS cheated them too. Please Beware of the cheating WWICS does and stay away from their fraud procedures that are of no help at all when it comes to immigration related work. I request other victims of WWICS cheating, to come forward and share their experiences about how WWICS cheated them.
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