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2014-01-16 13:07:10 by Amit

I have heard and read about many people who con or scam other people to get money etc. fraudulently. But WWICS con was the first in my life that I was a victim of. WWICS con starts by luring you into their scam procedures of getting your immigration work done. In my case it was regarding my PR work. WWICS conned me into paying them money for their services which actually were never helpful. I got in touch with WWICS and they promised me that they would get my PR approval done. They started showing their true colours when they first delayed my PR file submission unnecessarily and later told me to wait. I waited and these WWICS tricksters took 7 months just for a simple file submission.

And because of this unwanted delay my file submission was done under a new policy which said PR approval in 9 years instead of 5 years. Later after an eternally long and tiring wait for 10 years, the WWICS con finally came to life when I was notified that my PR file can no longer be submitted due to some policy changes. I was so frustrated and stressed due to this con WWICS played on me. My entire 10 years of time, energy and peace of mind was wasted.

I urge people to please beware of WWICS con and scam as it will trick you into their scam procedures and ultimately leave you helpless without any positive output of your invested time and money.
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