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2014-01-20 11:57:28 by Amit
WWICS Deceives People

WWICS deceives people upfront without any fear or shame what so ever. WWICS deceived me too. The deceiving WWICS people would first appear to be very calm, patient and helpful. But the moment they get their money, they transform into the worst set of people ione could ever imagine. The deceiving WWICS scams are so well structured that the victim would not even have the slightest of the hint about what pit is he going to fall in once he trusts WWICS with his hard earned money. The deceiving tricks WWICS plays on people are such that it will waste all the efforts and time of the victim and leave him standing clueless of what to do next. WWICS is a fraud company which deceived me of my trust and time. I trusted them with my PR approval and they promised that it would be done. But instead of fulfilling their promise, WWICS deceived me and wasted my time. It took loads of stress and 10 long years of my life to ultimately get the shocking news that my PR cannot get an approval due to some policy changes.

WWICS deceives people by making false promises and uses fake procedures to scam them. Fraud and deceiving WWICS people cannot be trusted and I advise people to stay away from WWICS frauds.
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