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2014-01-09 10:16:22 by Amit
They are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and gave me no result in return. I got in touch with them in the year 2003 regarding my PR and got mental stress for 10 long years from them in return. In 2012, i.e. 10 years after 2003, I got the shocking news that PR can no longer be processed because of policy changes. I was frustrated and felt humiliated beyond imagination. WWICS proved to be the worst nightmare of my life. I have never seen such people in my life who have not even one bit shame in what they have done to me. They cheated me with my money and time by not delivering what was promised by them. They made me a fool by taking money from me, made me wait for 10 years and ultimately did nothing regarding my PR. I feel cheated and duped. I hate WWICS from the core of my heart. Their job is to scam people and fraudulently fool them. They will take your money, waste your time, stress you in every possible way and then at the end give you nothing but a shock that your work could not get done. I think organizations like WWICS should be banned to operate.

I am shattered and frustrated with no option but to curse myself for trusting in a useless organization like WWICS. I strongly feel that license of such fraud organization should be cancelled and legal authorities should ban WWICS from operating.
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