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wwics group - WWICS Fake Promises

2014-01-04 10:46:44 by Amit

In case you have heard about this company and are planning to go for immigration or PR related help from them, I would like to warn you that you might get caught in the WWICS scam. WWICS fraudulently deceives people making fake promises and then when the time comes, they won’t give you any output of your investment. It is a sheer waste of time and energy to approach these guys.

When I went them for my PR work related help firstly they deceived me by their sweet tongue talks about how they would help me with getting PR in 5 years. But to start with they didn’t even submit my file on time, let alone getting my PR finalized. They made unnecessary delays and handled my work poorly. Because of WWICS cheats, I got fooled in their scam procedures. They took 10 long years and made my case just beat around the bush. And ultimately after a 10 year ordeal with them, I get this shocking news that my PR work cannot be done due to some policy changes. I just couldn’t understand that what in the world were WWICS doing when my efforts were going down the drain. But now I realize that they were doing their job which is to scam people and fraudulently fool them. They will take your money, waste your time, stress you in every possible way and then at the end give you nothing but a shock that your work could not get done. I think organizations like WWICS should be banned to operate.
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