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2009-10-05 09:29:25 by Shekher
Dear all,

Plz. plz. plz. avoid WWICS as they are the biggest mother f...ker.
A chairman of wwics so called Sandhu is convicted of several crimes and must be rewarded for his guts that he built a Resort on Punjab Govt. land without taking any permission.
I doubt when he was in Indian defence how safe we would have been at that time.
Now I talk about his business he has employed biggest liar and cheater in his all branch offices.

Hi guys it is not a joke I have written but the fact about WWICS.If you want to migrate to abroad please avail services of other good consulants.
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2009-10-05 09:30:13 by Sanjay Srivastava
I m fully agree with the above comment on WWICS & its staffs are 420 at all branches, , , , , , , , , Non of them even seen any foregin country, but the will misguide you to immigrate, They will collect money from you as fee & after that they disapper.

I m an NRI applied for Immgration in 2005 with delhi branch, bu their fraud officials like:
Sharat bhardwaj, ashok lamba, sunil gulati, gurpreet kaur, sandee, gs kang, etc. are all big cheaters & frauds. Upto collection of fee of more than 85, 000 by them every thin was fine, but once the got money started non response to calls/ emails etc. now after 4 years when i am following up for refund they have simply siad NO REFUND.

I dont have any strong link to shake them & at this point i m living abroad unable to do any direct action on the fraud of WWICS.

However other aspirants shall be aware of this fraudulant by WWICS.
2009-10-05 09:30:46 by Darshana Shukla
I totally agree with all of you .I have applied in 2004 december and i was promised that my immigration will come through with two and a half years.It is more than 4 years now and WWICS does not even bother to update.
2009-10-05 09:31:16 by Dilpreet Kaur
I applied for Canadian visa through WWICS. I paid them 30000 initially. Due to some reason I decide to withdraw my application and refund me 1250 $ from CHC. I could have done this myself but they told they will handle it and hand over the draft when sent from CHC. Now CHC has sent the draft to this people. but they are not ready to return it back to me. they are arking for around 45000 more for which I am not at all liable. they are playing black mail game with me. can you suggest what can I do. Is it worth complaining file a complaint against WWICS with CSIC, Can I ask CHC to cancel the draft and issue me a new one at my address.
2009-10-05 09:31:49 by Geerga
what about WWICS abu dhabi? are they doing the same thing as well? is the agency doing the same thing in all their international branches?please your comment as we are applying in WWICS abu dhabi.

2009-10-25 06:45:21 by Jo
WWICS in Dubai are they reliable? please advice, my papers are all ready for submission, i want to make sure that they are not the same in india.
2010-02-08 04:00:49 by Hatjit Singh
im also the one victim of WWICS fraud Company. I applied for canada immigration by WWICS khanna Branch i pay to spend 2 lac on but the send my document to embassy more the 120 day due to delay of the document that are submetted by wwics my case was refused but they never tell the true reson of the refusel they asked us, it is refused due to experence certificate. but when we enqure to embassy they give us the true reson we r very shoked. now they don't help me even all evendance againt them plz some body help me
my email id is
2010-05-14 09:34:58 by Rose
For anybody who can share their experience with WWICS Dubai...

I really want to know if they are fraud or no and If you have availed their package with a post landing assistance, did they really help you the moment you land Canada? how was the accomodation they've provided? etc.

I would really appreciate your insight about WWICS.. thanks....

2010-05-17 04:53:43 by Jaspinder
I don't agree on these comments. I am also a customer / client of wwics, its all because of them that i am in Canada well settled and doing business. i was nothing in India. but now i got everything here in Canada. its not all about me and my experience, it happened to my friends who also used the services of wwics and they are here with me in Canada. Me and my friends from Ludhiana all are here in with Permanent Resident Visa. I think there is something what we call "Miss-communication" between you and wwics. i myself kept on asking and they kept on giving me answers which satisfied me every time that i have invested in right place. as per the rejection thing i might be due to the Immigration laws changes very often or the documents are not as true as they should be. I mean to say the investigation of the documents are in their hand, one single document can leads you to rejection. As per the immigration norms we need to submit the documents which must be true / original. This is what i did and i got the service at the fullest of satisfaction.

Thanks to wwics who brought my Indian friends to me here in Canada. I would recommend them to each and every friends, relatives every person who are left in India or want to come Canada, to use wwics's services.

Jaspinder Singh
Ludhiana/ Toronto (Canada)
2010-07-15 04:38:31 by ANBUSELVAN
They are not a good service provider. My file number is 39624. They have not access properly and after four years and lost around RS.200000/- saying that my case has been rejected due to insufficient points. How could come after four years. Now they refuse to pay back money which I have paid for them as service charges.They are playing with our life.
I am from ABUDHABI, Here also they are playing the same game.
my email ID is
Please help out file a complient againest them.
2010-07-15 04:39:20 by ANBUSELVAN
They are not a good service provider. My file number is 39624. They have not access properly and after four years and lost around RS.200000/- saying that my case has been rejected due to insufficient points. How could come after four years. Now they refuse to pay back money which I have paid for them as service charges.They are playing with our life.
I am from ABUDHABI, Here also they are playing the same game.
my email ID is
Please help out file a complient againest them.
2010-09-15 08:21:19 by client from dubai
please dont ever take services of wwics dubai as they are farud and showing u false dreams. once u enroll they will never follow up with u and u will have to call again n again and u will get an answer that the person is busy with other client. i have had a nightmare experince and my whole case was delayed , messed up and my money was wasted by liars sitting in wwics dubai.
2010-09-23 22:09:12 by Xavier
WWICS - Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services.

Dear Shekher,

I totally agree with you. I would like to call WWICS as Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services because I had very painful experience with them.

2010-10-16 18:44:29 by Dr Arun Sharma
Col Sandhu has collected 500 acres of forest land in Chandigarh and is been probed by CBI.

Also col Sandhu is in court against his own two sons and daughter from previous marriage. And is in court for occupying property of his own brother.

His first wife died of cancer in Fortis hospital 5 years back. At the same time while his wife was alive, his girlfriend and now wife was delivering second baby boy in Fortis hospital while his wife was treated for cancer in fortis hospital. Anyone can ask staff at Fortis hospital to know the reality.

Because of stress his son from first marriage has become drug addict.

So apply for immigration on your own. If you cannot apply on your own. You are not fit to migrate.
2010-11-28 21:46:12 by aravind
dear all,

I m in your list, m one of the client who applied for migration to canada, its almost 2 years still my case is pending, i applied from india, tamilnadu, coimbatore branch and its my home town.spent almost 2 Lakhs,i took gold package. it was my biggest mistake i have ever done in my life. i am from middle class family. i really know how my parents struggled to pay that case got rejected.

guys you know 1 funny thing (i was not eligible to migrate as my designation does not comes in occupation list,) but this people in coimbatore branch promissed that they have done several cases and they will send me canada in 8 months. after 4 of time they asked me to do some course in french and ielts. i spent 6 months and thousands of money to do this course. finally i did it. got good marks. returned to wwics office with my crtificates, here need police clearance in india. it took me another 5 months to get that certificate. got my clearance and went back to wwics office, it was almost like 1 year and i was shoked when i came to know that all my papers are still in the same office corner. fu..k those cheaters. i am sure god will punish them or their kids its for sure.

i had a very good life, i was working in dubai. i just went for vacation and i saw their advertisement, and the brainstrome given by those wwics staff that bloody bit**h shree devi/vidya, made my mind to do that. i did not go back to job as i was dreaming that they will send canada and y 2 goo dubai again. each and every day i regret and still i didnot get my money back. every 5 months the branch manager is changing and running their days by cheating peoples.

its my kind suggestion to all dreaming peoples, wwics its a fraud company. dont waste your money.its like working hard earning money and you yourself throwing to dust bin.
2010-12-04 10:01:19 by debra
please help,

anyone with information i will like to know if this wwics really a company of fraud,as i am faced with my second payment and not sure if to proceed with the payment please help because i am reading good things and also bad things about this company.

trinidad applicant
2011-01-31 06:56:06 by Abu Dhabi
Hi All,
I agree with all of you, these bustards taken money from me for processing my papers. after two years still they have not submited my papers. each time when I shout at them come with different reacens. Now it seems they ran away from Abu Dhabi.

Telephone is keep rining and no answers for past two weeks.

dont ever goto to these guys

2011-04-10 00:55:21 by DC
I have applied for australian visa my file no is 48771 from abudhabi the office is closed now and they ran away with my money please dont go to wwics any more they are big cheaters.
2011-07-10 06:14:38 by yadu
2011-07-10 06:15:07 by yadu
2016-03-14 03:10:17 by Anju
You are true this company really FRAUD COMPANY. I tried from abu dhabi to immigrate to Canada they just eat my money and saying they will not refund the money. I will complain to police sure.
Imagine In the UAE they can fraud how about the other country..... So plz plz plz. Applying from WWWICS it means you lost your money 100%. Even I read the REVIEW I got 99.9% Review said Fraud Company and I was stupid I continue apply And NOW I lost my money...............UFFF..

So please don't trust wwics . This happened recently 2016
Be aware from WWICS.

Abu Dhabi


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