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2014-01-13 07:10:05 by Amit
The pathetic WWICS organization totally wasted my time and left me helpless with no clue at all about what to do now. I went to them for my PR approval and they asked me to pay for their services, which I did on time. But the moment they got money, they started showing their true colors. WWICS delayed my PR file submission by 7 months and then ultimately I had to wait for six years for my PR work to be done. They called me for some silly training regarding my work after which they again went silent in respect to their pace to complete my work. They seem to have been inspired by snails and thus move as slowly as possible to do people’s work. After this I had to bear the waiting of another few years, making it a total of 10 years of eternal wait to get some news on my PR approval. But what I finally got after 10 years what shocking like the Sun just rose from the west. I got the news that my PR can no longer be processed now due to some policy changes.

WWICS cheated me and have cheated other people too. I m not just saying it just like that to make my point, but it is the visible truth. You can yourself go ahead and read various online reviews of people who are the victim of WWICS fraud. There are many people just like me who got cheated by WWICS. They too have shared their story about how they got scammed by WWICS. I wish I had never trusted WWICS.
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2014-06-27 15:38:58 by BeeiNe
I'd like to see less chasing of the pontis on the assignment for the sake of getting pontis on the assignment, Yes, this achieves it.But.What does this show me and others what your understanding of design is? So if you are going to use something you did previously, I want to see more that you do with it when you write it up. Like discuss the design elements, their relationship. Or expand this into a bit more of story, what if you had a wall that wrote messages back and further for you and your friend? Or what of you took the photo and more of a straight on shot and edited it in a program to change, add to the message?It's not just about turning in something to get credit, its about the thinking behind the assignment, or doing it differently, or adding/changing it.Bottom like, this is really just ok. Fine. Points earned. But if you are going to turn in previously done creations, I want to see something new done with it.
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