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2014-02-26 13:05:35 by Amit
WWICS are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and gave me no result in return. I am angry, frustrated, physically exhausted and emotionally hurt because of WWICS cheap tricks of getting my money. I got in touch with them in the year 2003 regarding my PR and got mental stress for 10 long years from them in return. I don’t understand what on earth is wrong with WWICS that they can’t perform as they promise to.

WWICS culprits should be denied operations and their offices should be sealed. They must be punished for the unethical deeds they have done and the people they have defrauded. They took full payment from me, made me wait, made phony promises and at the end of 10 years I came to know that my PR can no longer be processed. I strongly feel that license of such fraud organization should be cancelled and legal authorities should ban WWICS from operating. WICS proved to be the worst nightmare of my life. I have never seen such people in my life who have not even one bit shame in what they have done to me. WWICS scams people and gives no positive output of people’s investment.
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2015-03-02 09:16:45 by ajax
With Regard to so many Complaints on internet against this Immigration
Company (WWICS), we have decided to Experience the real Facts.
Surprisingly, the Results were extremely horrible.

1. Illegal advices in Counseling –

We visited their Pune Branch back in 2013 as a normal Customer, their
official has guided us about immigration where they explained about the
illegal ways to immigrate to Canada. We
acted like normal people who got trapped due to lack of knowledge about
rules and regulation for immigration. We came out of their office by
saying that we need time to think.

2. Fee is increasing today –

Right after day 1, we received call from them where they told us that
Fee is going to increase from 1.5 lac to 2 lac so we need to act fast
and pay them half the amount to save extra Rs. 50,000. With Regard to
this news, we mailed them a Questionnaire where we ask them basic

Written Evidences

A. Is this Fee Refundable in case of visa failure?? …..They Replied…….
There is no visa failure from us .if in case it happen at the stage
where visa officer rejects you, we will deduct 30,000 and rest will be

B. Is it okay if I pay fee day after tomorrow … They Replied … No. You need to pay fees before 3 PM to avoid new Charges

3. Contradicting with their own Contract –

We read their Contract document very well where the whole trap was
written and we were curious to know how they convince us if we don’t
agree to their contract. On the same day we went to their office and
told them that we don’t agree to this contract, they said what happen,
we explained them that it’s practically impossible to arrange these
documents in mentioned time and also we don’t agree to your Refund

4. This Contact has No Value

They said this contract document is just formality, you please sign as
we are running low in time and you need to pay before 3 pm & after
all we are here to take care of you.

5. Extreme assurance to convince Clients –

We said no we don’t agree, we need this in written and she immediately
gave us in written. Then we asked them that we don’t agree to this
Refund Policy mentioned in contract, said we have already given you in
written via email about refund in your Questionnaire.

6. Payment Received:

So, we paid them first installment as 75000+ Service tax = Rs.84240 in Nov 2013.

7. Arrange Impossible Document in Impossible Time

Then started their process of asking impossible document like 7.5 Bands
each in IElts exam etc. We explained them it practically impossible to
score in such a short duration as we have to arrange other documents too
along with the routine job.

8. Tried to Level Best

They said you can do it and stupid motivating things to trap us
complete. Finally after couple of weeks of our hard working on exam and
document preparation, we submitted almost all documents except few like
IELTS card etc.

9. Scam Started Revealing

Next at morning 11 we got update at CIC Website that Capping is done. We
immediately called them and told them about this, they said we don’t
have any such news and they knowingly send our incomplete file to their
Chandigarh office.

10. Fake Promises

We reached their office same day and ask for our half submitted
documents, then they told us that we sent them to Chandigarh office. We
ask for Immediate Refund as nothing has been done by them. They said
wait for your documents first. After one week we got our documents back.

11. They want more Money

The story didn’t Finished here. They said you are very potential
candidate, please wait for next intake we will file your case again at
that time.

12. Real Facts Revealed

We waited till Aug 2014, there was no response from them and ultimately
visited their office again where they revealed that I was never Eligible
for immigrating to Canada.

13. Illegal Procedure

I asked them to refund money, they started with their usual procedure of
asking clients to file refund application and sign on their Declaration
form whose content is totally wrong and get your money back in 120 days
or 180 days maximum.

14. Total Fraud uncovered

When we denied to sign on that declaration, they said we will not
refund your money unless until you sign it. Then they stop responding
again for couple of months and on sending them LETTER Before Action and
various Emails, they responded that we have processed your refund
application and your Refund is not approved.


Apart from CBI Investigation Case against them, they’ve already lost
hundreds of cases in Consumer Court and have thousands of Complaints on
online Consumer Complaints Portal where helpless people are seeking
their money. The FRAUD Toll has Crossed way more than 100 Millions and the
organization is still looting people fearlessly. This Company should to be nip in the
Reality –

They were playing their usual game of tricking innocent clients but this time …….

In greed of money they dig a trench for client and got themselves
Recorded in a Sting Operation which generate crystal clear Audio/Video
Evidences enough to sue them hard in Supreme Court.
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