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2014-01-14 13:11:24 by Amit

WWICS scammers took advantage of my trust for them and made me look like a fool. They are the biggest cheats I have ever seen or heard about. They hit the right cord when they have to ask for your money and you get trapped in their honey laden trap. And the by the time you realize the scamming WWICS did to you, it is too late. WWICS scammed me by making false promises to me and faked their interest in doing my work. But, the moment I paid them, they became an all together different set of people.

They delayed things, took my work carelessly, didn’t seem to put much effort at the end of all this drama, get the shocking news that my PR work can no more be done. They wasted 10 mammoth years of my life running after them to get my work completed, but the result they came up with was a big zero and all I got was stress, frustration & loss of faith. Scams WWICS run have not only affected my life, but others’ lives too. This can be clearly seen on various online review sharing portals wherein other people who are WWICS victims like me, have shared similar experiences of how WWICS scammed them too. I urge people to come forward and share their experiences if they too have fallen prey to WWICS scam.
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